Fortunately, nature doesn’t care about the covid virus at all!

We are so grateful to be able to enjoy all the beauty around us in these very difficult and uncertain times.

Sharing with you today a few pictures of our garden coming to life.

Cherry tree blossom.

Apple tree blossom.

Cherry trees in full bloom.

Our orchard today.

We so enjoy the blooming branches of our potted apple trees, when sitting in our garden outbuilding.

Can’t wait to see our Aspirin roses growing!

It makes me happy to see our grapevine showing its first leaves !

The climbing hydrangea will soon start to bloom.

Within a few weeks the garden will be given a splash of color as our antique bourbon roses will start blooming.

This is a picture of the plane trees alongside our garden path, I took last week.

And this is a picture from yesterday. The planes are showing their first leaves.

What a difference it makes in only a few days time!

The beech hedges still show their brown color but this will change very quickly!

“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.” – George R.R. Martin


Enjoy Spring and let nature be your refuge!



All pictures by me