In my previous post I started to talk about one of the latest projects by our company Lefèvre Interiors, that was completed just before Christmas. If you are interested in the renovation of the living and dining room area of this family home, please click HERE to read my previous post and to see more of it.

Today Part II of this renovation, the redo of the kitchen and breakfast nook.

As I already mentioned in my previous post, the owners wanted to see their traditional home interior in a more contemporary style. They wanted a complete new kitchen with as many cabinets as possible, including all required kitchen appliances. The existing breakfast corner, that is an extension of the kitchen work area, had to be preserved but we were asked to add a warm and homely touch to this nook.

Again here we paid a lot of attention to the choice of the appropriate wall paint technique and to the finish of the oak cabinetry, all done by Dankers artisan painters.

We spent a lot of time in making the right choice of suitable lighting fixtures. Not only the design of pendants and spotligths was important, we wanted to give the kitchen and its breakfast corner the exact mood and atmosphere the owners had in mind.

The kitchen was completely stripped down and we started from scratch.

Let’s enter the kitchen.


Entering the kitchen from the dining room through the new steel door.

Keuken 7

Opposite view. Standing in the kitchen, view towards the dining room. Floor in Belgian blue stone. All cabinets are executed in oak.

Keuken 20

New constructed wall with 2 mirrored arched doors. One of the oak doors is leading to the entry hall. The fridge is integrated in the space between the doors.

Keuken 10

The oven, the kitchen hob and the extractor fan are all integrated in the kitchen island.

Keuken 47

Sinks with a mortex backsplash. Mortex is a coloured mineral covering with a waxed concrete look.

Keuken 15

All countertops in Bleu de Tavel, a Portuguese limestone.

Keuken 59

The mortex backsplash is finished in the same white colour tone of the walls.

Keuken 18

Detail of the faucet and sinks.

Keuken 17

New constructed wall.

Keuken 12

One of the oak arched doors.

Keuken 43

The kitchen isle has all required cupboards and drawers.


The curtains are made of Belgian linen.

Keuken 13

Painted cabinet with open shelving on top.

Keuken 28

Open shelving.

Ontbijthoek 2

The breakfast nook as an extension of the kitchen.

Ontbijthoek 1

The breakfast nook was completely refurbished.


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Again today, I posted some ‘before’ and ‘in progress’ pictures for those of you who might be interested in some background information about this kitchen remodelling and in the way we work.


Start of the project – September 2016

The kitchen was completely stripped down and we started from scratch.


Work in progress


Laying of the Belgian blue stone floor tiles

Floor plan kitchen

Kitchen floor plan

Moodboard Kitchen

Moodboard kitchen work area

Moodboard Breakfast nook

Moodboard breakfast nook

Kitchen fabrics

Fabric samples for curtains and blinds. Together with Brigitte Garnier, we made a selection of fabrics we loved to see here.


Finished oak stain samples by Dankers, options to choose from, to finish all kitchen cabinetry, breakfast nook panelling and wooden floor.

Blue de Tavel- Belgian Blue Stone

The kitchen counter tops are made of Bleu de Tavel, which is a Portuguese limestone with a grey to blue-grey background and pronounced, extremely fine, dark blue veins. We absolutely loved it in combination with the Belgian blue stone floor and the warm finish of all oak cabinetry.




Before : view towards the dining room. We opened up the wall to enlarge the passage to the dining room.


The existing door is replaced by a steel double door.


Before : the sink area with a view towards the dining room (opening to see here could be closed off when required).

We designed a new long kitchen isle that is now placed in the length of the area.


We moved the sink to the side wall in order to create a passage towards the dining room.


On this side of the kitchen is placed a new constructed wall to integrate 2 arched doors, creating a passage towards the entry hall.


Construction of the wall with new arched doors : before – in progress – after.


On the oppposite wall all existing cabinets were removed and replaced by a closed painted cabinet with an open kitchen shelving on top.

Inspiration 1

The design of the shelving was inspired by this picture of a kitchen shelving by Axel Vervoordt.


The breakfast corner is refurbished and is given oak panelling and an oak floor.

Inspiration 6

I wanted to see a very simple design for the breakfast nook panelling, that is joined with dowels.


Existing floor was broken up and replaced by an oak floor. The walls are now panelled.


I do hope you enjoyed today’s kitchen remodelling post !

Keuken 32

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All pictures by me, except otherwise mentioned.