Leaves are falling, days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, and this all affects our personal mood.

But you don’t need to let this bring you down! Lift your spirit and embrace this cozy time of the year!

Finding joy in the simplest pleasures, such as a warm color tablecloth that dresses up your table, beautiful candle lights placed around the room,… these are all small things that will brighten up a cold, dark fall or winter evening, and that will instantly lift your mood!

So today, I would love to share with you some pictures (that I took earlier this week) of a room at a client’s home, of which the atmosphere seen here, is witness of the most cozy period of the year.

Interior design by Lefèvre Interiors

We all need to banish that cold, wintry feeling from our home and to replace it with a cozy, seasonal vibe.

Interior design by Lefèvre Interiors

Interior design by Lefèvre Interiors

Borrowing from nature’s rich autumn palette of orange, red, and gold is also a fantastic way to create warmth and texture through soft furnishings and accessories.

Set the mood with candles!

Candles are essential for creating a light and bright atmosphere on those grey days. And don’t forget to go for some scented candles as they are amazing for making your home smell gorgeous too.

Interior design by Lefèvre Interiors

You absolutely should bring in the most warm textures, as this orange velvet tablecloth that dresses the table and the sienna shade linen curtains that reinforce that warm and comfy autumn feeling.

Interior design by Lefèvre Interiors

A color palette that is perfect to warm up a cool fall day.

Interior design by Lefèvre Interiors

Candle light gives a relaxing feel to your home and is the ideal way to keep the house looking bright.

Interior design by Lefèvre Interiors

Let’s embrace Autumn!

Interior design by Lefèvre Interiors

I do hope this post of today inspired you to brighten up your home and to get your spirit lift up! Keeping up in mind that we are approaching Christmas time, the most beautiful period of the year!

Wishing you all a Happy Fall Weekend!


Please don’t hesitate to contact me at info@belgianpearls.be, if you would love me to help you creating the home decor of your dreams.



All pictures by me – for Lefèvre Interiors