Dear readers,

This year I am quite late to share our home Christmas styling pictures with you, as it was rather hectic for me the previous week and I had to focus on Lefèvre projects that needed to be finished before the end of this year. That’s why I wasn’t been able to continue decorating our home for Christmas. 

Anyway, I finally managed to finish decorations and I like to share with you a few pictures I took today.

Christmas table setting. See more pictures of my table setting further in this blogpost.

Actually I just love decorating a home for the holidays and while listening to some popular and traditional Christmas carols in the background, it makes me completely immersed in the Holiday Season atmosphere.

Previous Sunday, when I started outdoor Christmas decorations, it began to snow! What a blissful moment it was! As it instantly brought me in the right mood and it was exactly what I needed to take nice pictures.

Even this year again I used the lanterns found at Ikea.

I just love the flickering candles at night.

The lanterns at our front door.

Simple wreaths hanging on the windows on both sides of the front door.

I adorned our outbuilding with greenery, candles, lanterns and sheep hides.


Please follow me inside…

Living room mantle with candles, pine cones and mistletoe.

I just love decorating with mistletoe!

Simple decoration with clementine fruit and greenery on the living room side table.

Always loved this glass candle ball.

One of my all times favourite Christmas baubles, with glittering stones and gold.


Actually I don’t love to see over decorated rooms and I tried to keep Christmas decorations as simple as possible. Just adding some small touches as I did here in our orangery.

On the coffee table a hurricane candle holder.

And a wooden bowl filled with baubles and cones.

A simple candle holder on the wooden stool.

This year we’ve put up the Christmas tree in our orangery. The tree is decorated with only lights and pine cones.


Standing in our kitchen, we can even see the tree through the glass separation.

Small decorative touches in our kitchen.


Let me  take you to our dining room… Santa is welcoming you!

Every holiday fire place mantle needs to be decorated with some greenery and a multitude of candles.

Candles on the window sill do create that warm and cozy atmosphere.


Although I don’t love over the top decorations, I have to admit that I absolutely love to see a festive table setting. The dining room is the only room I do love to dress up a little bit more abundant and where I love to create a warm and cozy feeling. Table guests must feel welcome and comfortable, they have to settle in to the table and help themselves to wine and food.

This year I layered the table with a to the ground damask table cloth in red tones with on top my favourite white damask cloth.

I love to see the flickering of table candles and candle lights.

I used silver and glass table ware, as silver and glass candle holders and wine decanters, mixed up with Christmas baubles, greenery and fruits.

The wine glasses are found at Brigitte Garnier Interiors.

The napkin rings I found, a few years ago, at The Enchanted Home.


I am ending this post with a picture of the powder room mirror, adorned with pine branches and a tassel.

I am ready for Christmas! Are you?


Enjoy the most beautiful time of the year !



All pictures by me