Everyone who is following my blog since the start, will certainly have noticed that the Belgian photographer Claude Smekens was mentionned several times when I credited his posted pictures.

Today I want to introduce you to this photographer for 2 reasons! First of all I want you to meet Claude because he definitely is one of Belgian’s most talented and outstanding photographers. He is passionate about his work that witnesses true craftsmanship. Second reason I want you to know Claude, is, that this photographer is eager to show the world, through the lens of his camera, the architecture and interiors of our Belgian houses!

Together with his wife Magda Desmet, who is a stylist and decorator (website Magda : https://www.magdadesmet.be), he captures the soul of our Belgian interiors in a way you have never experienced before.

“We are both passionate about visualization of interiors and everything involved with. Spreading around the world, the knowledge of Belgian interior craftsmen and professionals, through magazines, is increasingly important for us.”, explains Claude.

As you all will know, introducing our Belgian interior design and craftsmanship to the world, is also one of the reasons I started my blog a few years ago.

So in one way or another, I do feel connected with this photographer.

Claude and his wife Magda work for several renowned Belgian interior design magazines.

Enough talk now! I want you to enjoy the gorgeous pictures of the photographer I posted here today!.They will speak much more than words!

4  You will notice that Claude has an amazing eye for detail and for the art of photography.

32In 2010, Claude photographed my home for an article in the Belgian Interior Design Magazine TIJDLOOS.

Cover Click on cover of the Magazine to see the report of my home photographed by Claude Smekens.

31 Picture of my home by Claude Smekens for the Belgian Magazine Tijdloos.

30Picture of my home by Claude Smekens for the Belgian Magazine Tijdloos.

15Isn’t that a gorgeous still?



2Georgeous picture of an orangerie!



1 I love that picture here! Notice the lantern. Was Claude capturing that single moment of a blowing wind coming in? Fabulous!


16 Notice the detail of the door’s profiles!





6 The hand of Magda, Claude’s wife and stylist is to feel in lots of compositions as you can notice here.





SHOOT 304-006179-2-bewerkt



Most of you will recognize the following pictures! They are taken by Claude Smekens at the private house of our Belgian fashion designer Edouard Vermeulen.

This Belgian house is featured in many of renowned international magazines.


21 I have always loved this picture that Claude took at the house of our Belgian fashion designer Edouard Vermeulen. Photo credit Claude Smekens

And you really have to see this! A look-a-like!!!

This is the cover of the book ‘The Houses of Veranda’, in which Lisa Newsom, the founder and editor-in-chief of Veranda Magazine from 1987 to 2010, included some of the best houses featured in Veranda over the past 25 years.

2012-04-16_154949 Cover of the new book of Veranda Magazine. Photo credit Francis Amiand


To see more of the work of this Belgian photographer, please visit Claude Smekens Fotografie HERE.

More of Claude and Magda’s work, you will find at the website of Magda : Magda De Smet Interior Styling HERE.

To any editor-in-chief of interior design & lifestyle magazines reading this post, and who might be interested in featuring Belgian interior design and architecture, contact Claude Smekens to get your password to browse into his gorgeous gallery of photoshoots of Belgian houses. (Photographer’s gallery : here).



 Veldstraat 35

8500  Kortrijk



A couple of days ago Claude and Magda have finished a photoshoot of my sister’s home, which will be featured in the next issue of the Belgian Interior Design Magazine TIJDLOOS. And you will love it!! I will post about it within a few days!

Photo by Greet LefèvreMy sister’s house. Picture by me!

I decided to renew the website of our company www.lefevre.be in the next coming weeks and so I asked Claude to take several new pictures !

What do you think? Did I made the right choice by asking this Belgian photographer for the next photoshoot?


All images posted with permission of Claude Smekens.