The home owners asked me what to do to give some rooms of their house a more warm feeling. Although a lot of reclaimed materials were brought in at the building of this house, and all members of this family love hanging around in every corner of their already beautifully decorated and well-lived home, “some of the rooms do have a rather cold feeling, especially in winter”, the home owners said.

In other words, what they tried to explain was that their ‘well-lived’ home was missing the ‘well-worn’ part.

As walls are currently flat painted, I sugggested to give some of the rooms a new look, by using artisanal mural paintings and wall finishes, evoking a more authentic look, daring to show imperfections.

No one is better placed than a professional and artisanal painting company as the Belgian company Dankers Decor is. A family business with a history going back for two generations. I posted earlier about Dankers Decor here.

I asked Eddy Dankers for help in advising on the best mural techniques, in order to add the missing ‘well-worn’ part to the house.

The owners decided to redo three rooms of their home. Today I will start to tell about the orangery, the first room that needed a redo.

This orangery will soon have its new look.

Current look of the orangery with its flat painted walls.

4Photo credit Claude Smekens

Preparing our first meeting with Eddy Dankers, I focused on mural painting techniques, collecting inspiring images and creating moodboards to discuss this project.

But at the very first glance into the room, Eddy suggested to start with aging the exposed beam ceiling !!!!

What ?? Really ?? Such an intensive and time absorbing job !!!

“If you are intended to evoque that authentic and well-worn look, then you should take on that ceiling too.” , stated the master !

Current look of the oak beamed ceiling.

10Photo credit Claude Smekens

Relying on the experience and expertise of Eddy Dankers, our client decided to follow his advice.

Eddy assured us that the aged oak ceiling would look just wonderful in combination with the wall finish he had in mind.

And they started the job !


Halfway. What a difference yet !


Job finished !


The aged ceiling and the brick flooring will look so well together.

6Photo credit Claude Smekens

In the meantime, we were discussing about all possible mural painting techniques until we all felt happy and satisfied with the final decision.

Dankers Decor offers a wide range of artisanal mural paintings, from lime paint to Venetian plaster, etc.


Dankers employees at work, bringing on the mural painting technique.



Even the white painted wooden windows, are given a black colour to match with the steel windows of the room.


Everything is coming together…


Finally the orangery’s oak door needed to have the same look of the aged ceiling !

After an initial treatment the door was placed outside to dry.

11Custom made orangery oak door, made by our company Lefèvre Interiors.

All oak doors of the rooms to redo, have to be treated to obtain a greyed and aged look.


This is going to be the aged look the doors will get when finished.


This is a picture of the orangery so far (taken yesterday). I can’t wait to see the room finished and decorated and to share the final result with you.


I am very sure that the texture of the chosen mural painting technique will refine the colour palette used in this orangery room.

9Photo credit Claude Smekens

In one of my next blogposts, I will tell you all about the redo of the other rooms of this house.

If you would like us to help you with decorative paintings for your home, please feel free to contact us at We would be pleased to help you.

If you are living in the US, and you would love to have more information about the Dankers products and painting techniques, please contact Chateau Dominque. Chateau Domingue offers all Dankers Decor paint products and will help you with all artisanal painting techniques for your home.