Time flies! Hard to believe that summer is already here!

We have been spoiled with beautiful summer weather lately!

All plants, trees and hedges have gotten lots of sun!

And suddenly we were treated to an explosion of roses!

It has been so hot in recent days that we have not yet been able to prune the hedges.

Our ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’ roses are exploding. Their color goes from white to cream, blushed with pink. This is a rose that is excellent in warmer zones.

The old French Bourbon roses, repeat flowering roses and grown for their fragrance, have always been my favorites.

This is a ‘Madame Isaac Pereire’ rose, another Bourbon rose.

‘Aspirin’ roses are growing along our garden path.

A planter with ‘Meilove’ roses that have a warm orange color.

Every year again it gives me so much joy to see the Kir Royal climbing rose so rampantly growing on the back facade of our house. It gives our terrace that sublime summer feeling!


The fruit trees in our small orchard are also doing well this year.

Another few days to wait for picking the delicious cherries!

Also the walnut trees are bearing fruit!

Wishing you all a nice summer!



All pictures by me