I remember the day you were born as if it was only yesterday!

The day I gave birth to a boy! You ! My son!!!

I was so proud to hold you in my arms.


7Anthony was born on February 7th 1996.


12Anthony 1 day old.


9 Me and Anthony at the hospital.


You brought so much joy and energy into my life!

6France, Cannes summer 2008


I have always wanted to take care of you, to protect you! And to hold and comfort you when you felt sad.

I took you along the journey of life, with memories of good and bad moments, as life is.

And I tried to explain you as good as I could why things happened.


2 Summer 2011

Now I realize that you are grown up and that you need to go your own way. And I understand…I do!…But please don’t forget to share with me lots of beautiful or even the more uncomfortable moments in your life. I’ll be there to have fun with you, to listen to you, to support you, whenever you need me.


4 A few months ago.


I am so proud of the wonderful and good hearted person you became now.


13  Anthony and his godchild Alexa.

I love to see you laughing and enjoying time spending with your dearest godchild Alexa.


11 Anthony and his school friends.

I am so pleased to hear you enjoy making fun with your school friends.

10  Surrounded by ….girls, girls, girls.


3  Anthony and me a few weeks ago.


I do hope we will still share tons of beautiful moments together in future!



Happy Birthday Anthony!


Your mom.