Are you like me and do you get that spring feeling from the first rays of sunshine?

I loved and enjoyed wintertime, but now I’m done with it! I can’t wait until spring!

The last 2 weeks we already started working in our garden. Yes, we are slowly thinking of spring!

My husband prepared the soil for planting roses because in addition to the roses we already have in our garden (Honorine de Brabant, Madame Isaac Pereire, Ulrich Brunner, Aspirin roses and more) I would love to see some new roses blooming this summer!

After thinking carefully about the roses I exactly wanted to order (this in terms of colour and specifications regarding the suitability of the roses to grow in clay soil here and depending on the amount of sunshine they will get) we started to plant them on the first sunny day, this last week.

Seeing our garden in the sunshine, even on one of last week’s rather cold winter’s days, was giving us already a taste of spring.

The perfect time to prepare the soil for planting our new roses!

My husband planting the new roses ‘Baronne de Rothschild’.

The ‘Baronne E. de Rothschild’ rose belongs to the group of hybrid tea roses. It is a very eye-catching rose showing a colour from crimson red to deep pink. It has an amazing strong perfume and is an excellent cut flower having a long vase life. This absolutely gorgeous rose flowers from June to the end of October.

Rosa Baronne E. de Rothschild


On another place in the garden, we planted these 2 new roses : Rosa ‘Regatta’ and Rosa ‘Aphrodite’.

Rosa ‘Regatta’ – synonym ‘Prestige de Lyon’ is another rose belonging to the hybrid tea roses. It is a soft scented, salmon pink, large-flowered rose, flowering from June to the end of October.

Rosa Regatta (aka Rose Prestige de Lyon)


Rosa ‘Aphrodite’ is again a variety of hybrid tea roses. It is a medium sized rose with charming pink flowers and with a rich and spicy aroma, flowering from late spring into autumn. This beauty even has a long lifespan in a vase.

Rosa Aphrodite


We also brought home this ‘Orange Meilove’ rose that will be planted in a terracotta pot. It is a beautiful orange coloured, light scented cluster rose, preferring sunshine but tolerating partial shade. Flowering from June to September.

Rosa Orange Meilove


Finally, we decided to plant a climbing rose on the side façade of our garden house.

We have chosen for the rose ‘New Dawn’, which is a tall, large-flowered climbing rose. The flowers are light pink in colour with a paler pink at the edges, aging to white as the flower matures. The rose has a mild, sweet fragrance. ‘New Dawn’ often continue to flower through the middle of winter.

Rosa New Dawn


Can’t wait to see our new roses blooming within a few weeks!

This is a picture taken last year, where you can see blooming the Aspirin roses along our garden path.

I’ve always loved this picture of our ‘Honorine de Brabant’ roses.

I can’t wait until the month of June to bring in the roses and to create again the most beautiful homemade bouquets!

Basket filled with our own garden roses and peonies.


March 14 today. Spring is around the corner!