‘SHEPHERDS PLACE’ is the name of a fluffy looking, floating rocking chair, that is a brand new design by young Belgian designer Michèle Lievens.


‘Shepherds Place’  is an exclusive design chair made of genuine sheepskins, and as the designer is Belgian, this chair is 100% handmade in Belgium, by using traditional techniques.

This Belgian designer knows exactly what she’s talking about, when she describes her chair as a piece of design witnessing real Belgian craftsmanship.

Michèle grew up in the Belgian upholstery and furniture factory of her parents, always working with exclusive handmade furniture and all kind of fabrics.

Next to the daily inspiration of the craftsmanship around her and working for interior designers that are constantly looking for innovative design, Michèle just got inspired by her own way of life to create this cosy floating chair. Coming home after a long day of working, on the farm where she lives with her husband and their 2 children, and having a lot of farm animals to feed, she wanted to have her own cozy little spot to relax, or to spend some precious time with her kids. And so grew the idea to create a comfy, cozy and fluffy looking chair.

 Using real natural sheepskins, that have temperature-regulating properties, gives the advantage of warming up immediately in winter and keeping us cool in summer.

With this hanging chair made of genuine sheepskins you can rock your world and relax in luxurious comfort.

This Shepherds Place chair is giving you a comfy place to cuddle up with a book or even with your kiddos, making it all the more worthwhile.

Belgian designer Michèle Lievens with her two lovely children, enjoying the comfort of her brand new Shephards Place chair.

 You can personalize the Shepherds Place by choosing the color of the sheepskin, matching your own interior color palette.

Although the chair is provided with a chain to hang on the ceiling, it is possible to opt for a four-footed base.

Every chair is labelled with a unique number and includes a certificate of authenticity, making this chair a good investment for anyone who has a passion for design and in particular for handmade Belgian design.


By selling this chair all over the world, Michèle hopes to help everyone fully enjoy their home, interior and family.






To know more about this chair, please visit Michèle’s website HERE.

If you would love to help Michèle ‘rocking’ her chair around the world, and if you might be interested in becoming a dealer of this Belgian designed Shepherds Place chair, don’t hesitate to contact Michèle via the contact page of her website.

All pictures by Belgian photographer Selina De Mayer, posted with permission of Michèle Lievens