Those who are following my blog since a few years, will absolutely have read my earlier blogpost about the Belgian artisan Dirk Mortier.

Dirk designs and creates beautiful wooden rural outbuildings, home extensions, fences and accessories, all related to the traditional Flemish country outdoor living and landscape architecture.

Dirk’s father was an architect and painter and painted the idyllic landscapes and farms of the Flemish Ardennes. Due to his father’s paintings, Dirk’s passion for the traditional Flemish landscape architecture was born. He now continues his father’s work in a three-dimensional way.

Designing wooden constructions, fences, etc, Dirk opts for simple and pure concepts without useless decorations, going back to the authentic, essential use.

The construction is done with authentic tools and machines.

Behind Dirk Mortier’s realisations of scenic beauty lies a profound story of craft, practise and culture.

Dirk’s workshop is based in Everbeek-Beneden, a village in the Flemish Ardennes with its magnificent landscape. His home is only a few steps away from our home, and every time we walk around the orchards of his property, we enjoy the beautiful wooden fences, all made by Dirk.

Even though Dirk is skilled in the construction of more than only fences and gates, today I want to show you some pictures of his beautiful hand made wooden fences. To see more pictures of his wooden constructions and accessories, please visit the photo gallery on his website here.


16One of Dirk Mortier’s hand made fences in the Flemish countryside.


2Trees are usually cut by Dirk himself.


17All designs are made by Dirk.


10The finished product goes directly to the end customer.


18Love this detail !


11Dirk at work in his workshop, accompanied by a close friend !


3Orchard fence.


19Even these donkeys seem to enjoy their fences.






Fences in the snowy Belgian landscape.





Fence and gate.



Some of Dirk’s beautiful wooden fence gates.



8How charming is the look of this weathered gate?


7Dirk Mortier

If you would love to have your property fenced in the traditional Flemish style, please contact Dirk at 

To see more of his hand made realisations, please visit the photo gallery on Dirk’s website here. You will be charmed !



Traditional outbuildings, fences and accessories



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Wishing you all a wonderful weekend !



All images Dirk Mortier website

With permission of Dirk Mortier