For those of you who are interested in our living room redo, today’s post gives an update of it. In case you missed my earlier post, please click HERE.

The previous days, all required electricity and plumbing works were finished. Next week we will start to treat the parket floor to give it an aged and greyed look.

1 (2)Our living room today.

In the meantime my husband and our team of employees were really working hard on the manufacturing and assembly of the paneling in our workshop.

LEF18Sketch view chimney.

The construction of an 18th century French styled paneling is a huge and extensive work from start to finish!

French oak tree trunks in our woodshed.2013-02-16_143527

After sorting out the wood carefully, we have to prepare the oak wood trunks into different parts with the required length and width.

LEF 19

Every part of the paneling is precisely noted down on the technical plans of the paneled room.


I posted a few of my favorite pictures of ‘the making of’. Enjoy!


LEF 1Mouldings made after detailed drawings.


LEF 10Frame supports.


LEF 5Detail of some of the mouldings.


LEF 14Different treatments to give the wood a more aged look.


LEF 15

Joining of the different parts into the frames.



LEF 4Mortice-and-tenon joining technique.


LEF 3Ready to bring in the panels.




LEF 12


LEF 9Everything assembled! Ready for the montage.


One of the most delicate jobs is to find the right patina to bring on the natural oak paneling.  A lot of color samples will be made by mixing different ingredients and will be treated by the hands of the artist.

LEF 16The artist-painter is trying to find the patina that we have in mind! We would love to give the paneling a very aged look. Finally the painter will bring on the patina after the paneling is assembled in our house.


Yesterday our employees started to build up the paneling in our workshop.

Here is a sneak peek !



By the end of next week I will show you the complete montage of the paneling in our workshop.

I hope you enjoyed this post about the progress of our living room redo.

To be continued…


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