Today some pictures of our orchard.
It is always a pleasure to walk in the orchard seeing the fruit growing well!

Orchard entrance.

Although we don’t have a large orchard, we are still proud of our fruit trees, we planted in 2009.

One of our two walnut trees. Can’t wait to see the husks starting to split, and to see the trees delivering fresh, delicious walnuts. Harvesting usually begins in September.

One of our pear trees.

We normally bring on a white-wash which has a preventive effect, protecting fruit and trees in winter from frost cracks and in summer from sunburn. After all, a white trunk reflects the bright sunlight and ensures that large temperature fluctuations on the trunk are avoided. In this way, it is also avoided that in the spring after a few beautiful days already plenty of juice flow is started, so that new spurs would freeze again after a next winter prick.

In addition, the white painted tree trunks provide a beautiful and idyllic touch to an orchard. The white color and lime form a physical obstruction and make the trunk unattractive to damage-causing insects and fungi. White-wash does not harm the birds.

Our ‘Jacques Lebel’ apple tree.

We even have 4 small apple trees growing in planters that also do very well.

The fruits are very tiny, but oh so delicious! Aren’t they beautiful?

I also wanted to show you some pictures of the garden. Most of our roses started to bloom for a second time this summer.

We so enjoy our Aspirin roses, that usually bloom until the end of November.

Aspirin roses in our library. I highly recommend the Aspirin roses. They are not only very beautiful, they even stay fresh for a long time when you bring them inside.

Finally a picture of a magnificent ‘Catherine Deneuve’ rose on a table in our living room.


Talk to you soon!



All pictures by me.