I am very pleased to welcome you today to the new LEFEVRE INTERIORS website.

Our website is now mobile and tablet compatible.


Lefèvre Interiors webpage created by Fusion.web



The PORTFOLIO page of our website, is now divided into 2 categories. The categorie ‘portfolio’ with the Lefèvre realisations and the categorie ‘in progress’ with some of our projects in progress.


The categorie ‘portfolio’ shows several of our realisations. You only need to click on one of the images to go to the photo gallery of the project.



Lefèvre Interiors – Project private library  Photo credit Claude Smekens

The categorie ‘in progress’ shows some of our projects in progress. Please click on one of the images to see more pictures of the project in progress.



Lefèvre Interiors – Project in progress

I do hope you will enjoy this brand new website !


Finally, I would love to share with you that for the creation of this new website, I contacted again Fusion.webthe webmaster team that was already involved with the creation of Belgian Pearls’ webpage, online since the beginning of this year.


Belgian Pearls webpage created by Fusion.web

A special thank you to our webmaster Bart Dedecker of Fusion.web for his dedication and support to the realisation of this new website.

If you are thinking about a new website, or about having your website remodeled, the Fusion.web team will be pleased to help you.

In additon to the creation of promotional websites, Fusion.web is even strong in working out your company’s total concept, from a powerful logo to a unique and personalized house style.

If you would love to have more information about their work, please don’t hesitate to contact the team of Fusion.web HERE. Or contact Bart Dedecker at bart@fusiondotweb.be




Stay tuned for my upcoming blogpost about Christmas styling, later this week !