Today, my son reached that magical age of 18 !

1Anthony, born February 7 – 1996

Anthony was only 9 months old, when we noticed he already was interested in cars!

2 (2)Anthony at 9 months

On his first birthday we surprised him with a brand new Mercedes sportscar!4February 1997. First Birthday car.

Boys and their toys!Collage 1

If I wasn’t behind you, I bet you tried out jet-skiing !14Summer 1999

At the age of 5 you were already practising to attend future car rallies!16 maaart 2001March 2001

Summer 2000. We never saw such a happy face before that moment you got your first electric car ! 2014-02-05_102332Every weekend grandpa picked you up to spend the weekend and you absolutely wanted to have your own car with you. Poor grandpa!

And then you discovered motor bikes!!!

18Summer 2000 with nephew Simon at the fancy fair.

And at the age of 7 you drove your quad.20April 2003

And wanted to try out this size too!21 Zomer 2003 Summer 2003

A few years later, we heard the sound of this machine coming our way!23Winter 2012

And today ?

Spotted behind the wheel of a driving school car!24

I hope you will pass your driving test next week Anthony!

I wish you good luck!

Happy Birthday my son!25

I am here for you today and I will be there for you as long as I live, wherever the road takes you.