What a sad news I have to tell you today.
We lost our beloved and sweetest friend Ralph.
Last Friday we had to let him go… our sweetie, our baby, the centre of our family, our heart, our Ralph.
Ralph suffered from mitral valve disease, which led to heart failure. This appears in most Cavaliers King Charles Spaniel at some point in their lives and is the most common cause of death.
Our sweetie was only 6 years old. I can not express how much pain we feel, it is unbearable at this moment.
RalphOur sweetest Ralph
We loved you so much sweetie, you were the centre of our family, our closest friend. You meant everything to us…you were our family therapist. We can’t believe we won’t see you, won’t hear, won’t feel you anymore.
You will be in our hearts forever. We are so grateful we have had you in our life and we are blessed we have been given the chance to take care of you the past years.
Thank you for all the love and joy you have given us, dearest friend, we will never forget you.
” Grief is the price we pay for love “