More than a year ago I was contacted by readers of my blog who asked me if I could help them designing a bookcase and if our company would be interested in installing the cabinet in their home nearby Berlin, Germany.

I didn’t hesitate for one moment and started sketching after receiving some pictures of the existing situation of their living room.

1Concept & realization Lefèvre Interiors     Photography Claude Smekens




The intention was to build a library cabinet on either side of the window.

As I noticed that the window was not centered on the wall, we suggested our client to replace the existing window by a new designed window and to have it centered in order to obtain a symmetrical cabinet arrangement. A profound change on the exterior of their home, but still attainable!


Lefèvre Interiors - SketchMy first sketch of the new window and cabinet.

The cabinets are connected by a cornice extending the entire wall. The panelled sides of both cabinets and the created ceiling form a niche towards the window.


A few days ago, our Belgian photographer Claude Smekens travelled all the way to Berlin to take a photoshoot of the beautiful home of our client, and sent me these pictures of the living room with the Lefèvre Interiors library cabinets.


2Concept & realization Lefèvre Interiors     Photography Claude Smekens


The beamed ceiling was painted in a shade of white and the walls were given a new color.The dining table, and a new chandelier found by a local antiques dealer, are now placed at the center of the room.


4Concept & realization Lefèvre Interiors     Photography Claude Smekens


I absolutely would love to thank our German clients for their confidence in our company and for giving their permission to publish the photos on my blog.


Wishing you a fresh start of this new week!




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