Dear readers,

I realized that I haven’t shared that many pictures of our garden this year. Although it is high summer, unfortunately we aren’t blessed with very hot days here in Belgium.
But because of the regular rain showers everything grows very well and all plants, trees and hedges look very green and fresh.

Overlooking our garden.

 All hedges were pruned last week.

The straight lined hedges are giving the garden a completely different look. Love it!

The hydrangeas are doing very well this year. They are blooming abundantly.

Because of the rain,  the leaves look fresh and the colour of the flowers is bright.


Both of our roses, the ones we have planted for several years and the new ones, are doing well.

I just love our Aspirin roses that are abundantly blooming every year again. It’s a rose variety that is doing well to create beautiful bouquets.

‘Aspirin’ rose

Bourbon rose ‘Honorine de Brabant’

Bourbon rose ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’

Rose ‘Orange Meilove’

Climbing rose ‘Kir Royal’

Picture taken on one of the grey and cloudy days!

Spotted these tiny grapes a few days ago.

This picture of our cherry tree was taken two weeks ago. When we wanted to pick cherries last week, we realized that there was not a single cherry left. The tree was completely robbed by birds!

Let’s hope lots of sunny days are ahead to fully enjoy the garden!



All pictures by me