Belgian brand Ingrid Lesage Creations specializes in the production of unique, tailor-made textile creations for hotels, restaurants, caterers, rental businesses, companies and high-end events, as well as for the private market.

All of their refined linens are 100% tailor-made, woven according to classic European tradition and bringing class and elegance to your tabletop, bed- and bathroom.

From Europe to Asia, from the Middle East to Africa and North America; from the Ritz Paris to the Peninsula Beijing, from the Jaffa Tel Aviv to the Four Seasons Casablanca and the Bellagio Las Vegas, Ingrid Lesage’s Belgian bespoke linen creations are appreciated worldwide, in other words, Ingrid is  “child at home” at the most renowned and finest hotels worldwide.

Ingrid Lesage Creations is offering a wide range of bespoke table linens in jacquard weaving and luxurious embroidery, together with bedlinens, bath linens, kitchen towels, chair and table covers.

“In the world of hotels and resorts we are best known for our decoration of ballrooms with exclusive seat covers, table covers and table linens – as well as for our table linens in restaurants, bars, lobbies, pool areas,… . We distinguish ourselves with a product that is 100% tailormade, that is very much appreciated worldwide. For each new project, we first create a moodboard that is inspired by trends in fashion and design, and even so by the ‘couleur locale’ of the location. We work globally with a huge respect for the local culture and its customs, however always ‘woven’ with our own touch and European top quality. That is what people are looking for today: a special and unique experience that overrules everything. Feeling unified with the environment you stay in, without sacrificing luxury and quality. ”, explains the team at Ingrid Lesage Creations.

Good examples here are the orange napkins of restaurant Suq at the Four Seasons in Dubai, that are a reflection of the colours of the souks and the setting sun of the Middle East; or the ‘Falling Leaves’ jacquard woven table linen for the Peninsula Hotel in Paris that is showing the swirling leaves of the plane trees on the Avenue Kléber. In the hotel lobby guests can behold the beautiful work of art, titled ‘Dancing Leaves’, a sculpture made of hand-blown bohemian crystal leaves by Czech artist Luděk Hroch, and that also refers to the swirling and falling leaves of the plane trees.

Orange Napkin by Ingrid Lesage Creations for restaurant Suq at The Four Seasons Hotel in Dubai.

Photo credit Peter Verplancke

‘Falling Leaves’ jacquard woven table linen by Ingrid Lesage Creations for The Peninsula Paris.

Photo credit Peter Verplancke

‘Dancing Leaves’, by Luděk Hroch, at the lobby of The Peninsula Paris.

Photo source : The Peninsula Paris

At the reopening of The Ritz Paris in 2016 (after a few years of renovation), ILC was given the unique opportunity to contribute to the rebirth of this legend. Nowadays guests enjoy lunch or dinner at the restaurant L’Espadon or at the jardin d’hiver of the Bar Vendôme, having their meal served on dinner plates still identical to the tableware that Coco Chanel and Ernest Hemingway used to eat off, now accompanied by ILC table linen in shades of brown or green, that harmonize perfectly well with all tableware colours.

Restaurant L’Espadon – Ritz Paris.

Photo source Ritz – Facebookpage

Another fine reference is ‘Le Bal de la Croix Rouge’ in Monaco. As year by year, Prince Albert and his team are working out a new theme, Ingrid and her team are allowed to let their imagination run free in order to create the most unique chair and table cover for this event.

Photo credit Belga

Most ballrooms ask for a chic and classic style that can be used for different occasions. In this case, for the chair covers, Ingrid Lesage Creations is emphasizing on beautiful fabrics having the colours and style that perfectly blend with the interior and atmosphere of the particular room.

This fur edged chair cover was especially made for a chic winter wedding in Paris.

Photo credit Peter Verplancke

Even for all your private home linen, Ingrid Lesage Creations is your ideal partner.

“More and more people are attaching a huge importance to a warm and luxurious home. That special feeling of sleeping in the beautiful sheets of a five star hotel…, a feeling people even want to experience at home. We can respond to all wishes and are able to create tailor made – whether contemporary minimalist, charming old-school or over the top, extraordinary finished – linen, that is why we are an ideal partner for private customers, who want to personalize their own home linen.”, says Ingrid Lesage.

Personalized and monogrammed home linen.

Photo credit Verne Fotografie

Photo credit Peter Verplancke

Home linen edged with plumes.

Photo credit Peter Verplancke

Beautiful embroidered table linen.

Photo credit Verne Fotografie

Jacquard woven napkin of which the colours used are based on the colours of the tableware.

Photo credit Peter Verplancke

Crisp white, timeless napkins.

Photo credit Anthony Jacobs

Old-school elegance for this ‘dentelle’ finished bed linen.

Photo credit Peter Verplancke

Monogrammed bath linen.

Photo credit Peter Verplancke


At ILC, you won’t find any standard collections, only tailor made and personalized creations.

“With our bespoke creations, we are adding a unique value to all our linens, striving to help our clients making their dreams come true. Each of our products promotes an overall sense of luxury, atmosphere & well-being.”  CEO Ingrid Lesage

Ingrid Lesage Creations

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