Since many years, our company, Lefèvre Interiors , is renown, for manufacturing high end custom made interiors, specialized in paneling. My ancestors were cabinet-makers, working according to time-honored techniques and traditions.

As current managers of Lefèvre Interiors (already for the 4th generation) Jan and me are convinced we have to continue this tradition in respect for our ancestors at the first place but even to keep this beautiful art alive.

Today we are preparing the design and creation of a French 18th century inspired paneling.


Jan is taking over, by measuring, a moulding from a French 18th century boiserie panel.

26Pictures by me.

Oak hand-painted French paneling.23Lefèvre Interiors Photo credit Jo Pauwels

As inspiration to design paneling, Jan and me frequently visit ancient castles. We are always hoping to find mouldings we hadn’t seen before, to add to our collection.

25Château de Beloeil Picture by me

And I love to browse into my father’s or grandfather’s collection of ancient books.

18A few ancient books of my father’s collection.

21Examples of 18th century mouldings.

Lefèvre’s team of highly skilled craftsmen offers over 120 years of experience.

To continue the traditional work of our ancestors, and to manufacture 18th century boiseries, we need experienced and high skilled craftsmen -cabinetmakers and woodcarvers-, because mouldings have to be carved by hand.

11Lefèvre Interiors Photo credit Koen Snauwaert

Our employee Freddy at work. Freddy is working in our company for 40 years! Working at the same company for all these years is probably not very common these days.15Lefèvre Interiors Photo credit Claude Smekens

My father (who passed away in 2001) was an experienced woodcarver and during his spare time, we frequently found him in his studio, working on one of his creations in wood.

20My dad in his studio (years ago) shaping a sculpture in oak.

Stained oak French Régence styled paneling.6Lefèvre Interiors Photo credit Koen Snauwaert

Detail7Lefèvre Interiors Photo credit Koen Snauwaert

French Provencal oak paneling in a Belgian country house.24Lefèvre Interiors Photo credit Jo Pauwels

French Régence styled paneling with exceptional hand carved mouldings.22Lefèvre Interiors Photo credit Claude Smekens

8Lefèvre Interiors Photo credit Jo Pauwels

9Lefèvre Interiors Photo by me

19 Jan preparing projectFrench styled paneling. Design Lefèvre Interiors Pictures by me

Every single piece of furniture or paneling or library or any other project does not leave our workshop without the Lefèvre Interiors estampille . My father was the first of our family who raised the Lefèvre ‘estampille’, following 18th century French ébénistes (cabinet-makers).


J. = the first letter of my father’s first name Jacques

Lefèvre = the family-name of August (founder of Lefèvre Interiors and my great-grandfather), Medard (my grandfather), Jacques (my father) and me.

1890 = year of establishment of our company, founded by my great-grandfather August Lefèvre (1867-1942)

Wapenschild Lefèvre - kopieLefèvre coat of arms.

The rafters and the 3 joiner’s planes refer to my ancestors, three previous generations of cabinet-makers.

28Lefèvre Interiors stamp ‘estampille’,  proof of high end quality and authenticity.  Photo credit Claude Smekens

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