Hello dear readers and friends,

I realized I didn’t share many pictures of our garden this year. Normally I do share several pictures of our garden in July, but because we were unlucky with the weather here in Belgium, I didn’t take that much pictures this year. We are already mid-August, but fortunately sunny days are expected!

Personally, I have always loved the month of August. The light becomes different and one feels a fullness of energy. To me, summer is delightful in August. It is mid-summer and nature is in full bloom. August is harvest month, and there are so plenty of apples and pears on the fruit trees. The flowers are showing their most beautiful colors.

“August is the border between Summer and Autumn.”

“August is like the Sunday of Summer.”

Here are a few pictures of our garden I took the last few days.



How beautiful is the green color of the trees and hedges by the summery August sunlight.


It is so nice to walk along our garden path, under the plane trees, seeing the sunlight playing.


In the evening we enjoy sitting in our garden house, overlooking the garden.


The light is beautiful.


The Aspirin roses along the garden path have finished flowering and the wind has blown the leaves on the garden path. Charming, isn’t it?


Let’s take a look at our orchard.


Again here that gorgeous August sunlight!


The trees bear a lot of fruit. A few more days and the apples and pears can be picked.


One of our two walnut trees. They don’t drop their fruit until the end of September.


One of our apple trees.


View from the backyard to our home.


Although the grapes are not ripe enough to be picked, the leaves of the vine growing on our orangery are already starting to change color.


First signs that Autumn is just around the corner.


Hydrangeas in bloom.


Most of our roses have finished flowering. Only our Snow Whites, Honorine de Brabant and Baronne de Rothschild roses are still blooming.


I do benefit from the last roses this year and love to bring them into the house.


Honorine de Brabant rose


Baronne de Rothshild roses


Even with all kinds of greenery, such as with a branch of one of our plane trees seen here, I try to make a simple creation.


Enjoy August and feed your soul with the beauty of late summer!



All pictures by me