I absolutely love the wonderful range of autumnal colours and every year again I try to make decorations with leaves and fruits to find in our garden.

 The changing colours of vine leaves growing on the back side of our garden house.

Isn’t this wonderful?

The green colour disappears, and the yellow to brown and orange to red colours become visible and give the leaves their fall splendour.

I brought some vine and ivy inside to arrange a fall table centerpiece.

A mix of vine leaves with small apples and medlar fruit together with some walnuts with and without husk.

The changing colours of fall on our table.

Vine, ivy and medlar fruit.

Touches of ivy.

My fall table centerpiece.

Table ready for dinner.

I even put a touch of ivy in this Swedish bowl.

As our Aspirin roses still bloom (and they will bloom until the end of November !)  I can still bring fresh roses inside.

The rose leaves are turning more pink at this time of the year. They look gorgeous!

Even on the leaves of the Aspirin rose branches you can notice the seasonal colour changes.


Wishing you all a wonderful Fall Season!

And please don’t forget to dwell for a moment on the splendour of this autumn season!



All pictures by me