As every year I’m here again with a blogpost about our home Christmas decorations.

I do not like over the top decorations and therefore I try to add in every room only some touches of Christmas decorations, except in the dining room where I put up our Christmas tree.

11Candles, pine branches and cones on our living room mantel.


13Our Christmas tree awaiting wrapped Christmas gifts.


12Tree ornament.


9Candles and tealights on the dining room table.


10 I love to decorate with red berries. One of my favorite Christmas decorations.


And some small touches everywhere around…







7A single pine tree branch on the wall of our orangery that makes the difference…


8Terrace table decoration.


5Front door lantern.


6Front door Christmas tree.



I hope you enjoyed this Christmas decoration post of today.

Talk to you soon!



All pictures by me