Hello my friends, oh yes I am so very busy! Besides working on clients projects, we are in the middle of our living room redo.

To my blog colleagues I would love to ask, if they please can forgive me for not finding much time to comment on all their latest blogposts! I promise to catch up with reading and commenting a lot of blogposts within a few weeks.


The redo of our living room was planned last year, but we didn’t make it ! So Jan and me deciced that it had to be ‘our beginning of the year 2013 project’.

Following my blog, you maybe will remember having seen pictures of how our living room looked like until a few days ago.

Redo Living room 2Living room as it looked.


On Monday morning we started to empty the room. And this is how it looks like today!

Redo Living room 1Living room this morning.

Yes, there are planned some changes. The room will be totally paneled, the parket floor should be given another finish, the window treatment fabric has to be chosen and we’d like to bring in some new furniture.

Of course, paneling will be manufactured in the workshop of our company Lefèvre Interiors, according our design sketches. The paneling will be executed in French oak and is inspired by French 18th century paneled rooms.

Redo living room sketchesSketches of the paneled living room. (copyright Lefèvre Interiors)


I just love 18th century French paneling as seen in this picture.

InspiringImage source here 

Floor boards

At this moment the painter-artist of our workshop is preparing a few samples of the patina the paneling wil be given. This is the most difficult part! We have to mix and brew until the perfect patina is found!

Patina choicesDifferent patina options.


When I discovered this beautiful aquarelle painting at the FB page of my French friend and renown aquarelle painter Céline Chollet, I was thrilled!! OMG! I do know that she has to paint an aquarelle of our living room too!

Céline Chollet AquarelleSource FB page Céline Chollet. Blog of Céline https://wwwboitedaquarelles.blogspot.be/


To be continued…

I promise to share the progress of our living room redo in later blogposts!


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