Today I am pleased to show you some pictures of a bathroom we recently installed in a client’s home.

Except we still have to hang the light fixtures above the sink cabinet, the bathroom is finished.

For the redo of this bathroom, we chose to work together with the Belgian architect and designer Philippe Timmerman.

2013-04-30_082759 Realisation Lefèvre Interiors – Design Philippe Timmerman

The bathroom cabinets, paneling and inner doors are executed in light stained oak. For the floor is chosen for a combination of carrara marble and a belgian gris des ardennes limestone.

2013-04-30_082858Realisation Lefèvre Interiors – Design Philippe Timmerman

The wall with the small round windows is completely new constructed and the hidden doors give access to a walk-in closet while the oak inner doors give access to the powder room and lavatory.

2013-04-30_082931Realisation Lefèvre Interiors – Design Philippe Timmerman

Also for the countertops is chosen for the gris des ardennes limestone.

2013-04-30_084036Realisation Lefèvre Interiors – Design Philippe Timmerman


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