I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend as we did here in Belgium. The weather gods spoiled us with some gorgeous late summer days! Up to 27°C! It was one of the warmest weekends of this year! We really aren’t used to these summer temperatures at the start of October! It abled us to face a busy new week!

Today I want to share a few pictures of a client’s dressing and some gorgeous new discoveries.


Dressing Lefèvre Interiors

The dressing room I designed for one of our clients in France, was installed by our company Lefèvre Interiors months ago but I hadn’t had yet the opportunity to take some pictures of it untill last week.

Foto 048

White painted integrated cabinets with shutter doors.


Covered radiator.


The room acts as a dressing and as a guestroom. The seat can be converted into a bed.

18Libeco linen upholstered seat.





 16 I love the detailing of the pilasters.

Dressing by Lefèvre Interiors.





Hermès textiles

7 source www.dedar.com

Hermès is expanding into the home textile world not only with silks, but also with “upholstery-ready signature patterns in cotton, cashmere, wool, and linen”.

Hermès teamed up with the Italian firm Dedar to produce these gorgeous textiles.

Expressive horse race scenes in bright colors, elephants in royal regalia, or tone-on-tone abstracted “H”s, and a seemingly hand-drawn herringbone print.
Read More https://www.wmagazine.com/w/blogs/editorsblog/2011/05/10/hermes-dedar-textiles-wallpaper.html#ixzz1ZiExYWgx

5 source here


6  source here


The collection is available at select Hermès locations.

To find a location, visit www.dedar.com.


John Stefanidis fabrics

This Autumn John Stefanidis Fabrics launches a seriously chic new stripe ”Promenade”.

It is an elegant, 4 colour stripe with colours that will coordinate with and complement other designs in the John Stefanidis fabric range.

4 source https://johnstefanidis.blogspot.com/


By the way, I want you to know that John Stefanidis, one of my favorite British designers, has a beautiful blog ‘The Developed Eye’, where John writes about his life, his travels, the influences behind his designs for the many houses on which he has worked and his fabric and furniture ranges.

I remember, years ago, I bought his first book, titled ‘Rooms, Design & Decoration’. To me it is still one of the most inspiring books about interior design!

Meanwhile John has written several books (to discover on his website).

Book John Stefanidissource  https://www.johnstefanidis.com/

If you don’t know yet this talented designer, please visit his website John Stefanidis or start reading his blog The Developed Eye. You will not be disappointed.



Ochre hardware


I have discovered the most beautiful cabinet handels ever at www.ochre.net !!!

1 source https://www.ochre.net/

Black horn handle with bronze or polished nickel knuckle.


2 source https://www.ochre.net/

Pale horn handle with bronze or polished nickel knuckle.


3 source https://www.ochre.net/

Brown horn handle with bronze or polished nickel knuckle.

For more information about the different dimensions, please visit the OCHRE website here.


I hope I inspired you today and I wish everyone of you a splendid new week!