After years having my blog Belgian Pearls on the Blogspot blogging platform, I wanted to upgrade the online presence of my blog to a more dynamic website.

A few years ago I received an email from a web organization where I was asked if I was interested in buying the domain name ‘’. Heavens !  I was a bit shocked and upset. That company secured the domain name ‘’ and now tried to make profit of it!

The next day I immediately secured the domain name ‘’.

As all things change and trends move so fast -think about trends in the interior design industry-, I felt it was time to give my blog a new, refreshed look.

After more than 6 years of blogging, I finally decided to bite the bullet and to transfer my blog to its own domain ‘’.

Taking the risk

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I realized I needed professional help from someone who was aware of the newest web technologies. I contacted webmaster Bart Dedecker of the web developer company Fusion.web and we discussed several options. No much words were needed. Bart immediately understood what I was expecting from him and how I wanted to see the layout of the new Belgian Pearls webpage. Bart is extremely skilled in his job. I would recommend him without reservation. You can contact Bart here :

Thank you Bart for managing the transition process, for your dedication and patience with me!

It’s been a really exciting process for me and I hope you love the new look and feel of it. I am very happy with it and I am delighted to introduce you to the new Belgian Pearls webpage.

A warm welcome to all of you who are following Belgian Pearls since more than 6 years and a warm welcome as well to the new Belgian Pearls’ readers.

The blogtransfer shouldn’t affect anyone, who has previously subscribed to my blog, receiving future blogposts.

If you might have any difficulties and you don’t receive any future blogposts, please re-register on Belgian Pearls. Just enter your email address in the email subscription form on the right sidebar or at the bottom of this page, or just email me at

Everything remains the same. All my previous blogposts are transferred to and if you are looking for something particular, you can search this site by using the keyword tool or you can click on one of the labels on the right sidebar.

Picture by Greet Lefèvre

Picture by me

I would be so very grateful to all of you if you could continue joining me here on Belgian Pearls’ next journey.

I promise to do the best I can to inspire you as much as I tried to do in my previous blogposts.

Warmest regards,