Oh dear Carol…

We will miss you!

About 10 years ago when we moved into our new house, we learned to know you as our curious but loyal neighbour. Soon you became our friend! Even though you were the horse of our neigbours, little by little you became a part of our family. You learned us how to understand you and how to love you.

Not so long before we moved in, you lost your companion and sweet friend mare ‘Happy’ and probably you were looking for some new friends.

When you heard the sound of opening our backdoor or when you recognized our voices, you started to whinny, as to let us know that you were actually there and that you could appreciate a little bit of attention. You were so grateful every time we brought you some carrots or a piece of bread, even though your owners spoiled you and gave you more than enough to eat!

Yes dear Carol, you became our sweet and beloved friend!


Carol – Summer 2009

Day after day, year after year, I saw you grazing through the window of my home office. I was used to see you there in the meadow and never thought of the day you wouldn’t be there anymore. Until this morning…

This morning, your owners called me with that terrible news… We wouldn’t see you any longer… You passed away the day before…the day of my birthday… Our neighbours finally decided to wait to call me until this morning as they knew that the news would make me very sad and confused.

Dear friends, I do feel so sad. It hurts to have lost Carol. She was my friend. I loved her too, even she was not my own horse.

 She brought me joy and gave me friendship. I will miss her so very much.

I had never thought that I should write about the loss of Carol, this as my first blogpost of this new year.


Carol – Summer 2011

I am so very thankful to our neighbours, and Carol’s owners, Marie-Jeanne and Serge, who loved her so much and gave her a wonderful life at the countryside. They took care of her for about 25 years and gave her all the love a horse could ever wish. And I am grateful that our family had the opportunity to enjoy Carol’s presence and to notice how wonderful it is to experience the love and friendship of a horse.

Carol in the middle of cows, ducks and geese – Summer 2013

Carol – Summer 2014

Because our garden hedges are quite high, my husband had shaped a niche, in order to able us to communicate with Carol when bringing her some horse sweets from time to time.

Carol – Summer 2015

I really don’t know, which one of us, Carol or me, was the most happy, when suddenly (some 2 years ago), mini horse ‘Rakker’ came to accompany Carol! What a joyful day it was!

 Carol and Rakker – Summer 2016

I have always loved this picture of Carol and Rakker who enjoyed watching the farmers bringing in hay. – Summer 2016

Carol in the background. This is the last picture I took of Carol – September 2-2017


What is more expressive than a horse’s eye?

Dear Carol, I am so thankful to have known you…


Although you are not longer physically here, I will see you forever standing on the meadow, when looking through my window…

And I am sure that within a certain time, this memory of you will put a smile on my face.


I would love to end this post with a beautiful poem dedicated to all horses.


Here I stand…

always ready to share an adventure.

always ready to make you smile.

Here I stand…

Firm and strong

always willing to let

you lean on me when 

life gets too rough.

Here I stand…

never wavering.

always here so you’ll

never be alone.

Here I stand

forever faithfull.



This post is dedicated to our sweet neighbours Marie-Jeanne & Serge, who cared of Carol for about 25 years.