To start this new week, I would love to tell you about a beautiful makeover project I am working on.

A few months ago one of our clients asked our help with the renovation of some of the rooms of a family home they just bought.  The property is beautifully located in the countryside close to Antwerp.

After several discussions and after going through my collection of inspirational images, we started to make moodboards and sketches of the dining room, living room and family room that urgently needed a makeover.


The dining room needed to have a more stylish look as our clients are intented to use this room for more formal dinners.

Dining room - colour scheme

Dining room mood by me

I was so very pleased that our clients loved my suggestion of having the room wallpapered. As the dining room has a large French door that opens to their beautiful garden, we wanted to bring in the garden greenery into the room by choosing for a panoramic scenery with tones of greens and blues. Choice was made for the Iksel wallpaper ‘Bagatelle’.


Iksel wallpaper - Bagatelle

Scenic wallpaper ‘Bagatelle’ – Iksel, recalling classic French gardens

The wainscoting lining the walls, painted in one of the wallpaper colour tones, will instantly give the room the stylish character we were looking for.

Wall paper Dining room

Image source Pinterest

The wall towards the kitchen will be equipped with a jib door.

Panelling-secret door

Dining room wall towards the kitchen – secret door   Sketch by Lefèvre Interiors

As door handle for the secret door we opted for the bronze ‘Bamboo’ handle from the Peter van Cronenburg Architectural Hardware collection.

This handle is not only beautiful, it even has a very nice touch.

Bamboe door handle

‘Bamboo’ handle   Image source Peter van Cronenburg Architectural Hardware


 Our clients expected to have the living room less formal than the dining room and absolutely wanted to obtain a cozy feeling by having this room panelled and by bringing in beautiful fabrics.

Not to forget to find the right chimney piece for this room ! This is of course the focal point and an important element determining the style of the panelling.

Chimney - mood

Living room – chimney with built-in cabinetry   Sketch by Lefèvre Interiors

The beautiful 19thC. French Burgundian stone fireplace was found at authentic building materials Antiek Deknock in Bruges.


Image source Antiek Deknock

Living room - colour scheme

Living room mood by me


All living room walls will be panelled and as you can notice on the chimney wall elevation sketch, here above, the chimney will be flanked with built-in display cabinets.

The decision on the oak finish will be finally taken once the panelling is installed. All finishes will be done at the site, depending on the amount of light coming into the room at different day moments.

Different oak finishes

A few of the panelling finish options

The cabinet niches on both sides of the chimney will be painted with casein, colour choice depending on the selected textile colours.

Casein finishes

A few of the casein colour options

We added different styles of sconces on our sketches to help our clients making a choice.

Wall sconces -Living room

View from the living room towards the family room   Sketch by Lefèvre Interiors



The family room is a place to relax, to curl up with a book or to watch tv and a place to gather with family members. It is very important picking the right colours to set the right mood.

We decided to limepaint the walls. The colour tone is more or less chosen, based on the fabrics for the window treatment and seat upholstery and on the Kelim carpet that we yet selected. But we only will decide on the exact colour when the Lefèvre Interiors employees have finished the placement of the bespoke wall to wall cabinet.  This cabinet is supposed to be painted the same colour of the walls.

Family room - colour scheme

Family room mood by me

Library cabinet - Family room

Wall to wall library & tv cabinet – family room   Sketch by Lefèvre Interiors



This picture shows you a before situation, standing in the dining room, looking through the living room towards the family room.

Before situation



The starting point of this makeover was the placement of the fire place.

Installation of chimney

Fireplace installation   Photo by me

Once the placement of the fireplace was finished, our company Lefèvre Interiors could start the installation of the panelling and cabinetry made in our workshop.

Project in workshop

Workshop : Jan discussing project plans with one of the employees – and part of the panelling awaiting installation   Photos Lefèvre Interiors

Last week : start of the installation at the project site.

Start Installation project

Bespoke panelling and cabinetry were brought in   Photos Lefèvre Interiors

Installation project in progress

Installation so far – end of last week   Photos Lefèvre Interiors

Finished chimney   Photo Lefèvre Interiors

Once the entire installation is finished (probably somewhere at the end of this month), the artisan painters of the Dankers company will be able to start all paint work and wood finishes.

To be continued…

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