Timothy Corrigan’s new French country home

/Timothy Corrigan’s new French country home

Timothy Corrigan’s new French country home

Interior designer Timothy Corrigan is an avid student of French architecture and design history. He not only recognizes interior design styles of different ages, he really is passionate about earlier design styles and knows all about 18th century castles.

When I met Tim, earlier this year, in his Paris’ apartment, he talked about his search for a new home in the French countryside. I was so thrilled to hear about that, as a few years ago he had purchased and restored the magnificent 18th century Château du Grand-Lucé, a French national landmark. And now he was searching for a new challenge! Restoring another pearl of French architecture!

About a month later, Tim posted these pictures on his Instagram page! And commented one of the pictures with : ‘I’m certainly no Prince Charming but I am going to do all that I can to bring my new Sleeping Beauty back to a glorious life!’

OMG! He definitely did found his new home!!! The Château de la Chevallerie à Arçonnay dans la Sarthe, Loire Valley.

Château de la Chevallerie

Image source Timothy Corrigan Instagram Page

The château was built in the 18th century and the two towers were added in the late 19th century.

Image source Timothy Corrigan Instagram Page

From that moment I saw those pictures I was eager to see more of this sleeping beauty!!! I followed Tim’s Instagram page hoping of more posted pictures of his new home!

And yes, not long after, Tim posted more of the château!

The boat house on the end of a canal.

Image source Timothy Corrigan Instagram Page

The Château de la Chevallerie counts lots of rooms with original 18th century boiserie.

One of the rooms with stunning carved panelling.

Image source Timothy Corrigan Instagram Page

Detail of a beautiful decorated ceiling.

Image source Timothy Corrigan Instagram Page

One of the doors with carved ornaments on top.

Image source Timothy Corrigan Instagram Page

I was so very pleased to notice that, earlier this week, Stacey Bewkes, author of interior design and lifestyle blog Quintessence, one of my favourite blogs, posted about her latest trip to France, together with Susanna Salk, editor and host of the serie ‘Quintessence At Home With’. They visited Timothy in Paris and were even heading off to the Loire Valley to see Tim’s new country home, the Château de la Chevallerie.

Your are so privileged girls!!! Green of envy ! Haha!

 Thank you Stacey for the gorgeous pictures you already posted!

Château de la Chevallerie

Image source Quintessence  – Photo credit Stacey Bewkes

‘A magnificent property with canals and follies throughout the landscape’, is to read on Stacey’s blog.

Image source Quintessence  – Photo credit Stacey Bewkes

 Magnificent 18th century original boiserie in what will become Tim’s dining room!

Image source Quintessence  – Photo credit Stacey Bewkes

In one the next months, Stacey and Susana will come up with a ‘before’ video of the château. Stay tuned!

I couldn’t write about Tim’s new château today, without telling a few words about and sharing some pictures of his former country home.

We all remember Timothy’s former home in the Loire Valley, the gorgeous Château du Grand-Lucé, an 18th C. French national landmark that he had meticulously restored into a warm, inviting and livable country home. I remember the videos Tim posted about the restoration of the château. See herehere and here. I was thrilled to see how craftsmen removed the 400 year old paint of all the 18th C. carved wood panelling to get back to the raw wood that was original to the château. Some of the panels had to been replaced but where re-created exactly the same way as the original by using techniques as at the time the château was built.

Craftsmen removing 400 years old paint of the wood panelling (source video).

Tim’s book about the château is still available. Click here to purchase.

Cover ‘An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé’ 

A few years ago I posted about the book here.


Château du Grand-Lucé

Image source Chateau du Grand-Lucé

Gorgeous 18thC. mantelpiece in one of the many rooms of the Château du Grand-Lucé.

Image source Quintessence

One of the restored and beautiful decorated rooms at the Château du Grand-Lucé.

Image source Chateau du Grand-Lucé

For those of you who want to see more of the Château du Grand-Lucé, I would highly recommend you to watch a gorgeous video about the château, created by Stacey Bewkes & Susanna Salk.

‘At Home in France with Timothy Corrigan at Château du Grand-Lucé’

To watch the video, please click HERE

To end this post, a postcard of the Château de la Chevallerie, dating back to 1910.

Image source via Google here

I can’t wait to see the château finished in a year or two! And I do hope Tim will share again some videos about the restoration process of his new country home!


Wishing you good luck with your new home dear Tim! It is just incredibly beautiful!

Please don’t let us wait too long for upcoming pictures and videos! We can not wait to see the magic you will bring to this sleeping beauty!


To see more of Timothy’s work, please visit his website at www.timothy-corrigan.com



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    Thank you so much Greet for sharing!! Timothy’s new chateau is truly a sleeping beauty and I can’t wait to see how he brings this amazing property back to life!

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