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Did you notice that regularly on Instagram pictures are posted of interiors where are seen beautiful tapestries as a room backdrop?

The European tapestries are world-famous and it is very nice to see our Flemish tapestries coveted by interior designers from all over the world. Designers love to bring in a tapestry as a focal point of a room, making a statement. A beautiful tapestry is pulling all things together, it brings in warmth, and gives a historical feel to any interior. A wall hanging tapestry adds elegance to your room decor.

Flanders has a rich tradition of tapestry making. It all started in the 13th century, and is still part of our cultural heritage today. Most of the tapestries have religious, mythological and historical subjects as well as hunting and harvest scenes. They are known for their high quality and extended use of colors. The oldest ones were made in the 13th century. The most important production centers were Doornik and Arras.

In the 14th century tapestries were also made in Bruges, Oudenaarde and Ghent. In the 16th century Brussels and Antwerp became important. Antwerp was also the distribution center for the rest of Europe. In the 17th century the popularity faded and in the 18th century the making of tapestries in Flanders stopped.

It is not my intention to tell you today about the characteristics of Flemish or French tapestries, this may be for another time, but I wanted to share with you some nice pictures, mostly found on Instagram, where is seen a tapestry as backdrop.

Interior design by Robert Kime – Source Instagram

Interior design by Douglas Mackie – Source Instagram

Source tumblr

Interior design by Alidad – Source Instagram

Château de Chenonceau – Source Instagram

Interior design by Alidad – Source Instagram

Interior design by Geoffrroy Van Hulle – Source Instagram

Interior design by Robert James Moore – Source Instagram

Interior design by Paolo Moschino & Philip Vergeylen – Source Architectural Digest

Interior design by Heather Hilliard – Source Heather Hilliard webpagePhoto credit David Duncan Livingston


 Belgian company ‘The Royal Manufacturers De Wit’ is the world’s leading restorer of antique tapestries for museums and one of the leading restorers for private customers. The company is offering a unique collection of fine tapestries.

Visit their website at WWW.DEWIT.BE

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  1. Franki Parde Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 2:02 PM - Reply

    I don’t know…tapestries stir my soul…maybe it’s the depth…color blendings… the magnitude of time involved.. Artist at the top of their game
    Thanx for sharing such art. franki

  2. ayra Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 11:29 PM - Reply

    Simply magnificent, timeless, chic, classic, everything and a little more …. I loved your post …. Good carnival !!

  3. Andrea Charles Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 9:29 AM - Reply

    Dear Greet, highly appreciate your efforts in giving us readers a detailed elaboration on European tapestries and also their effect on the interior of the room when used as part of the design. It is but mesmerizing to see the amount of depth the tapestries in the background brings to the whole room changing the perspective. Thank you for also sharing some beautiful tapestry work through the different pictures.

    • Greet Lefèvre Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 9:43 AM - Reply

      Thank you so much for your kind comment dear Andrea! Warm regards, Greet

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