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‘Stoned and Floored’

Belgian company Rik Storms Authentic Building Materials has a strong reputation as a supplier of high quality antique building materials. Storms offers a wide range of exclusive reclaimed materials, focusing on quality, authenticity and respect for tradition. There is a constant search for the most beautiful old materials to create bespoke and unique elements. Next to reclaimed architectual materials, Storms offers a variety of old and new stone and wooden flooring, mantelpieces, garden objects and others. Tables, sinks, countertops, mantels,…can be perfect made according clients’ or architects’ wishes, in order to be integrated in traditional as in contemporary designed interiors.

Very interesting to know is that Storms is also specialized in aging new Belgian bluestone. There are several finishes possible to give the bluestone an aged look and an authentic feeling. Visiting their website you will discover lots of images showing examples of aged bluestone.

The foundation of the Storms company, dates back to about 40 years ago, when Rik Storms began restoring particular buildings (as the Great Beguinage of Leuven), private houses, castles and farms. Throughout the years, Rik Storms expanded his activities with the sale of reclaimed and antique building materials, which he restored with great care and expert knowledge. Through the collaboration with the famous Belgian architect Raymond Rombouts (see also my earlier blogpost about a Belgian house of Rombouts here), Rik was enabled to enrich his vision on architecture, allowing him to place the use of historic building materials in a unique context.

At he age of 15, inspired by his father, Karl Storms set his first footsteps in the world of authentic building materials, and since 2008 he is the current manager of the Storms business.

His passion for the métier, passed on by his father, allowed Karl to expand his business internationally. Over the last few years he successfully realized projects in several European countries as also in the United States.

Today I do show you only a small selection of photos of only a few examples of the wide range of authentic materials Storms has to offer. Please visit their website to discover all offered treasures, you won’t be disappointed.

Storms 3

Old Italian Carrara marble floor tiles and baseboards, carefully sorted and restored in the Storms studio.

Storms 4

Old Italian Carrara marble floor tiles and baseboards.

Storms 5

Bespoke and hand cut stair starting step in old Carrara marble.

Storms 8

Stair in old Belgian bluestone of which the surface carving is done manually.

Storms 17

New aged Belgian bluestone floor.

Storms 15

One of the Storms’ employees at work in the studio.

Storms 12

Reclaimed bluestone sink of their large antique sink collection.

Storms 6

A contemporary designed marble sink, tailor made in the Storms’ workshop.

Storms 11

 Bespoke diagonal floor tiles in Belgian Saint Anna marble, custom made for the Erdem flagship store in London.

Storms 10

Artistic floor design. Three-dimensional floor tiles pattern.

Storms 13

Old English Yorkstone paving used for this pathway. One of my favorites !

Storms 24

Beautiful reclaimed Belgian bluestone slabs.

Storms 7

Storms supplied several reclaimed architectural materials for the construction of this house in Belgium. The windows are set in old Belgian Calcaire stone frames. The house extension is constructed using old Belgian Cobertange stone and old Belgian bluestone tiles are installed on the terrace.

Storms 25

Storms is also specialized in several techniques to give new Belgian bluestone an aged look. As to see here on the terrace and at the pool’s moveable floor.

Stoms 1

Limestone façade in combination with an antique oak boarded door.

Storms 14

Storms offers a wide range of antique French and Italian mantels and if required you can have your mantel custom made of new aged marble or bluestone.

Storms 23

Reclaimed oak ceiling beams.

Storms 22

Flooring in 18th Century Flemish oak.

Storms 9

Combination of new, aged oak flooring with an old oak stair.

Storms 16

Oak boards with an aged finish in a contemporary interior.

Storms 18

Geometric patterned parquet flooring of new, aged oak.

Storms 19

Storage of wooden boards.

Storms 2

I absolutely love the light colour and fine texture of this European walnut floor! European walnut is one of the noblest woods, very limited in availability and priced in the expensive range.

Storms 26

Geometric patterned walnut parquet floor.

Storms 21

Detail floor in European walnut.

All above pictures posted with permission of Karl Storms.

A special thank you to sales manager Davy De Smedt for providing me with useful information.

I would love to give you away that my friend Brooke Giannetti, author of the blog Velvet & Linen, posted 2 gorgeous blogposts about her visit to Rik Storms when she and her family visited Belgium a few years ago.  Brooke shared a lot of beautiful and interesting photos that her husband Steve took at their visit to Storms.

To read Brooke’s posts, please click HERE and HERE.

Finally I wanted to share some pictures of rooms in our home, where you can see the stone and wooden floors we bought at Rik Storms.

For our kitchen floor we used large reclaimed Carrara marble tiles, originated from the façade of an old Brussels home.

Lefèvre Interiors 4

Interior design Lefèvre Interiors  Photo credit Montse Garriga

The staircase in old Carrara was restored and tailormade by Rik Storms to fit in our home.

Lefèvre Interiors 6

 Interior design Lefèvre Interiors  Photo credit Jo Pauwels

The hallway flooring is a combination of reclaimed Italian Carrara and Belgian Noir de Mazy marble.

Lefèvre Interiors 7

Interior design Lefèvre Interiors  Photo credit  Claude Smekens

I do remember that before the placement of the floortiles, my husband and Rik discussed about the importance of the exact laying pattern and edging.

Lefèvre Interiors 8

Interior design Lefèvre Interiors  Photo credit Claude Smekens

In the library we opted for a 19thC. geometric patterned oak floor, Storms had to offer.

Lefèvre Interiors 1

Interior design Lefèvre Interiors  Photo credit Claude Smekens

For our dining room, we have chosen for an antique oak Hungarian point parquet floor.

Lefèvre Interiors 2

Interior design Lefèvre Interiors  Photo credit Thomas De Bruyne

 The company supplies throughout Europe and is shipping to the US.

For all your enquiries about the authentic materials of your interest, please contact Storms at info@rikstorms.com, they will be pleased to help you.

Visit their website at WWW.RIKSTORMS.COM, you will be ‘stoned and floored’ !

 For regular updates, please visit Storms Facebook page HERE.

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  1. Dorka Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 6:02 PM - Reply

    You call the parquet Hungarian style,, for this kind of pattern we say french style in Hungary.Isn’t it interesting? Love your post and love old reclaimed materials. Dorka from Hungary

    • Greet Lefèvre Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 8:08 PM - Reply

      Dear Dorka,
      Thank you so much for your comment on this post. How surprising to hear you name the pattern French style in Hungary! Good to know. Thank you for letting me know.
      Warm regards,

  2. francetaste Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 1:08 PM - Reply

    It is difficult to call out a couple of photos, because they are all magnificent. I love these craftsmen who really make a difference, with their skills and workmanship and with the materials they use.

  3. Judith Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 8:56 PM - Reply

    Just wonderful to see the reclaimed marble, stone and wood floors. So that we can continue to cherish them in our homes. Thank you for the interesting post.

  4. Brooke Giannetti Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 11:47 PM - Reply

    Another beautiful post, Greet. Rik Storms was so kind to give us a tour of his home and his show room. What a very talented man. It is so nice to know that his son will continue to grow this wonderful family business.



  5. Amy@MaisonDecor Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 4:44 PM - Reply

    Wow such impressive attention to detail, and the old materials are just incredible. I loved the old soapstone sinks in particular.

  6. ForeignFloor Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 9:23 AM - Reply

    Simply stunning! Unbelievable how many artisans a small country like Belgium has to offer… We went with Eggermont from a town called Deinze for ageing our bluestone and never seen the comparable quality, but Storms seems to come quite close!

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