Launch of new online Belgian platform Casasutra

/Launch of new online Belgian platform Casasutra

Launch of new online Belgian platform Casasutra

CASASUTRA is a new online Belgian platform about architecture, landscape design, interior design and home decorating.

This brand new website, launched earlier this week, is a database providing a lot of professional addresses. Casasutra visitors will discover Belgian architects, interior designers, landscape designers, manufacturers, home decorating shops and home improvement professionals.

‘Sutra’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘string, thread’ and is derived from the verb siv’ that means weave’. A thread that connects everything. And this is exactly what Casasutra wants to be : the online guiding tool to help realizing the home of your dreams by leading you from one professional to another. 

Although Casasutra is a brand new website that was officially launched yesterday, a lot of professionals already joined the platform. I am sure the number of members will continue to grow in future.

I am delighted to announce that our company Lefèvre Interiors already joined CASASUTRA.

Today I only share a few of the many inspiring images to discover at the Casasutra website.


Oscar V

 Oscar V  villa constructor

Dennis Tjampens

Dennis T’Jampens  architectural projects


Graux & Baeyens  architects   Photo credit Filip Dujardin

Ludo Dierckx

Ludo Dierckx  landscape designer

Stijn Cornilly

Stijn Cornilly  landscape designer

Bob Monteyne

Bob Monteyne  swimming pools

Lefèvre Interiors

Lefèvre Interiors  made to measure interiors

VM residence

Hans Verstuyft  architect

RR Interieur

RR. interieur  furniture & accessories

Deco Lust

Deco-Lust  made to measure interiors   Interior designed by Hans Verstuyft Architecten, realised by Deco-Lust


Obumex  made to measure interiors   Joseph Dirand kitchen by Obumex

Glenn Reynaert

Glenn Reynaert ABGR   architect

Frederic Kielemoes

Frederic Kielemoes   interior designer   Photo credit Cafeine

Odilon Creations

Odilon Creations  materials & developments   Photo credit Thomas De Bruyne

Benoît Viaene

Benoît Viaene  architect

Aesthetics Design by Benoît Viaene

Aesthetics Design by Benoît Viaene  furniture


Tekna  lighting


Serax  furniture & accessories   tableware ‘Pure’ for Pascale Naessens

Please, visit CASASUTRA and get inspired !


Logo Casasutra

For all your inquiries, please contact Casasutra at




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  1. Michele@hellolovely Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 6:06 AM - Reply

    Ooh la la! What fine company you are in, greet. I will be visiting casasutra asap! Peace.

  2. Helena Botha Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 11:48 AM - Reply

    Wonderful space!

  3. billie henninger Monday, June 6, 2016 at 7:13 PM - Reply

    So glad you introduced us to Casasutra. Whole new world. The Belgian world I knew before this was mainly
    Walda Pairon, Axel Vervoordt and yourself. I may never get off the computer. Thanks, Greet.

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