Introducing Dutch painter Margo van Erkelens

/Introducing Dutch painter Margo van Erkelens

Introducing Dutch painter Margo van Erkelens

Margo van Erkelens spent her youth in Goedereede, a small Dutch town close to the seaside. The scents, the changing seasons colors and her memories of this charming town formed the major source of inspiration to create her landscape and seascape paintings.

Margo grew up with love for colors and atmosphere. The warmth of a color, the tones and shades, and the combinations between each other still ravish her and give her a daily motivation to create.

Besides of landscape paintings, Margo also creates florals, figurative and abstract paintings, all inspired by her deep love for color.

From the moment I discovered Margo’s work via social media, I was captivated and enchanted by the colors, the textures and the beauty of her paintings and I knew that I had to share her work with you. So today I am very pleased to introduce you to this talented Dutch painter!

Margo loves to work with acrylic paint and uses a lot of ink, pigments and pastel chalk. She mainly works with the palette knife. She doesn’t want to control her work, the process takes its own course, combining the numerous layers of paint with everything that is available : sand, soil, fabric, pigments, gypsum, etc. Layer by layer the image is taking shape. Sometimes she is scraping away to allow other layers to surface, sometimes she is adding matter. “It always remains a challenge to let go a clearly defined image, to let the process happen instead of leading it.”, Margo tells us.



‘Sea Salt’ (110 x 110cm) – Mixed media on linen.

Even when decorating her home, which is her second passion, Margo is guided by colors and spontaneity.


The ‘Sea Salt’ painting hanging on the wall of Margo’s living room.   Photo credit Denise Keus for Sanoma Belgium

“Each of my work is very different in the end. The main challenge is to leave out the most recognisable. Only having the pure experience of shape and color to remain, is what I try to achieve, allowing imagination and fantasy to have no bounds: this puts more importance on ‘feeling’ rather than ‘recognizing’.”, Margo explains.

MVE 31

This is absolutely one of my favorite images I found on Margo’s Instagram page today. I love the color palette of this painting matching the colors of the chinaware pot in front of it. Beautiful!   Photo by Margo

MVE 27

One of Margo’s gorgeous landscape paintings, titled ‘Green, green grass’.

MVE 11

The painting ‘Green, green grass’ hanging next to another painting of Margo’s hand.   Photo credit Denise Keus for Interiors DMF Zeist

MVE 20

Paint brushes & palette knife ‘still life’. A piece of art in itself.   Photo by Margo

MVE 23

Margo’s tea moment.   Photo credit My Objective Nieuwe Tonge 

MVE 12

‘Before dawn’ (110 x110cm). Notice the color palette of this painting that is matching the color of the slipcovered sofa and cushions. Brilliant! A project by Ginterieur Zeist.   Photo by Margo

MVE 17

Love this composition. A series of three abstract paintings, untitled (20 x 30 cm) in combination with glassware, earthenware and tin. Project by Pand 5 Goedereede   Photo by Margo

MVE 28

Abstract painting, titled ‘I have a crush on you’ (50 x 60cm).


Abstract floral painting titled ‘Hidden Scents’.


‘Hidden Scents’ on the wall.   Photo credit Woonwinkel De Stamkamer Lienden

MVE 21

Margo at work.   Photo credit My Objective Nieuwe Tonge 


Picture of Margo’s cozy living room.   Photo credit Denise Keus for Sanoma Belgium

MVE 10

‘Autumn Poem’ (80x80cm) in the background.   Photo credit Denise Keus for Sanoma Belgium

In addition to the landscapes, florals and abstracts, Margo loves to make paintings and portraits of the female. “The classic beauty of a woman is something that always touches me. A woman is beautiful to paint. I try to keep the portraits more or less anonymous’. That is why my portraits are often side view silhouettes. They are rather mysterious. I always try to encourage imagination and fantasy.”, explains Margo.

MVE 30

Figurative portrait ‘Are you with me’ (100 x 120cm).   Photo credit Denise Keus for Interiors DMF Zeist

MVE 22

Portrait series ‘Friendship’ in progress at Margo’s atelier.   Photo by Margo


A portrait from the series ‘Friendship’ (110 x 110cm) – Acryl on linen.


Another classy lady from the Friendship series (110 x 110cm) – Acryl on linen.

MVE 29

‘A thought a day…’ (110 x 120cm)- Acryl on linen.

MVE 14

‘Hannah’ (110 x 120 cm) in a contemporary interior.   Photo credit Violier at Home Bennekom


On the wall ‘Dressed up in Dreams’.   Photo credit Denise Keus for Sanoma Belgium


‘Looking back’ (100 x 140cm) – Mixed media on linen.   Photo credit Woonwinkel De Stamkamer Lienden

A painting by Margo is an addition to any interior, traditional or modern.

MVE 24

Margo van Erkelens.   Photo credit My Objective Nieuwe Tonge 

To discover more of Margo’s beautiful work, please visit her website WWW.MARGOVANERKELENS.COM 

Or follow Margo on Instagram and on Facebook.

Margo is often working together with interior designers, she loves to combine her work with the creation of beautiful designed interiors. It is very satisfying to work together with an interior designer or a stylist and to provide the icing on the cake’.”,  the lovely Margo tells us.

Margo is shipping her work worldwide. For any further information, please contact Margo at

Wishing you a wonderful weekend !



All pictures published with permission of Margo van Erkelens.

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