In love with the enchanting Château de Courcelles

/In love with the enchanting Château de Courcelles

In love with the enchanting Château de Courcelles

At the end of this year, a lot of us will have taken the time to review this past year, reflecting on what has happened, on what should have been happened, and probably some of us will have already made plans for the year to come.

Unfortunately there were a few things on this year’s wishlist I have not been able to check off!

One of the things that should be happened, was a visit to Château de Courcelles in France.

So, in my last blogpost for this year, I would love to introduce you to this gorgeous French château.

Four years ago, on the occasion of my son’s 18th birthday, we made a bubbles tour in the region of Reims and discovered the beautiful and elegant Château de Courcelles.

Although we only spent a few hours at the château, as we only had lunch there, we absolutely enjoyed the beautiful and romantic setting, and not to forget the very refined lunch.

As soon as we pulled into the driveway, seeing the castle popping up in front of us, surrounded by its beautiful landscaped gardens, I fell in love with this 17th-century French château.

The elegant, 17th-century Château de Courcelles surrounded by its ‘jardins à la française’.

I definitely want to go back to Château de Courcelles for a few days stay and to immerse myself into the historical atmosphere and to enjoy the enchanting setting of this elegant and romantic château.

On my wish list for next year!

Château de Courcelles is located in the Champagne region, between Soissons and Reims (about 1h15 drive from Paris). It is the place where Emperor Napoleon met Marie-Louise, his second wife; it is also the place where Dior organised his sumptuous festivities and it is the castle that survived the occupation by the Germans during World War I.

The château dates back to the 17th century, built in 1690-1694 by Baron Jacques de la Grange, advisor to King Louis XIV. In 1988, Bernard Anthonioz acquired the castle from the Jarvis family, and ever since it remained a family-owned property. In 1989 Château de Courcelles opened its doors as a four-star hotel and in 1993 it joined the prestigious Relais & Châteaux Association.

These pictures will undoubtedly get you in the mood to visit Château de Courcelles, whenever you are touring the Champagne wine region.


All pictures courtesy of Château de Courcelles – Source Château de Courcelles webpage, facebookpage & instagramaccount 

Château de Courcelles, a four-star hotel and member of the Relais & Châteaux Association.

With passion, Mr. Bernard Anthonioz, current owner, renovated the castle into a luxurious and exclusive, and one of the world’s finest hotels. Today the hotel counts 18 comfortable rooms and suites.

The Château de Courcelles is a property of rich history, offering you charm, elegance and serenity, combining hospitality and comfort of a four-star hotel.

With its warm décor, that respects the style of French heritage, and its refined approach to gastronomy, it offers its guests an unforgettable experience.

Entrance to the château

A property of rich history

Renovated with passion, in respect of French heritage.

How wonderful it must be to celebrate Christmas at the château that is especially decorated for the occasion!

Christmas at Château de Courcelles

Guests are welcomed in the ‘salon d’accueil’.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in one of the two authentic style dining rooms.

What is not to love here?

The gorgeous French chimney is obviously the focal point of this historic dining room.

Guests can choose to have a drink in one of the three cozy bars : the salon de grisailles, the boudoir or the library.

Surrounded by Versailles porcelaine, guests can enjoy a drink or a cigar, in the intimate bar, the ‘Boudoir’.

The ‘Salon de Grisailles’, that is named for its grey paintings.

Before or after dinner, guests can enjoy a drink at the library, while seated near the fireplace.

A view to the garden from one of the hotel rooms.

Attention to detail in all of the rooms’ design and furnishings!

Notice the gorgeous fabrics used here.


To see more of Château de Courcelles or to book your stay, please visit the château’s webpage at  WWW.CHATEAU-DE-COURCELLES.FR

Follow Château de Courcelles on Instagram or on Facebook.

In case you should ever visit The Château de Courcelles in response to this article, please tell me. It would be nice to hear!



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