What to do if a client sends you these pictures of Château de Villette, asking for your help to create a room in their home, bringing in the atmosphere seen here?!

Picture taken from inside the book ‘Château de Villette’, The Splendor of French Decor, by Guillaume Picon. Photograpy Bruno Ehrs – Editions Flammarion

Located only 40 min. away from Paris, this chateau is one of the most beautiful, classified historical landmarks of France and is part of the family-run group The Heritage Collection, founded in 2011, dedicating itself to the restoration of exquisite historical estates in Europe, such as the Château de Villette (near Paris), Villa Astor (Amalfi Coast), Villa Balbiano (Lake Como) and Villa Clara (Rome). Be sure to visit The Heritage Collection webpage to discover more! Or follow The Heritage Collection on Instagam.

Jacques Garcia, one of my all time top favourite French interior designers, was commissioned to restore all of The Heritage Collection properties, including the Château de Villette interiors. The exquisite designed rooms of this chateau reflect the 18th C. Louis XV era.

Picture source Château de Villette Instagram page

The interiors of the 18th C. are characterised by the use of opulent and luxurious upholstery ’tissus’, window treatment and wall covering fabrics. Handmade brocades and hand woven damasks, lampas, embroidered silks, velvets and tapestries were the hallmark of the 18th C. interiors.

Picture source Château de Villette Instagram page

Picture taken from inside the book ‘Château de Villette’, The Splendor of French Decor, by Guillaume Picon. Photograpy Bruno Ehrs – Editions Flammarion

Rooms were furnished with the finest furniture and objets d’art. As no other, Jacques Garcia, who also renovated the royal apartments in Palais de Versailles, knew how to decorate the castle’s interior, giving back the rooms their 18th Century grandeur and spirit.

Picture taken from inside the book ‘Château de Villette’, The Splendor of French Decor, by Guillaume Picon. Photograpy Bruno Ehrs – Editions Flammarion

Click HERE to watch the video of an interview with Jacques Garcia about the project of Château de Villette.

The book ‘Château de Villette’ is always within my reach as it counts so many inspiring pictures of gorgeous interior design details and objets d’art!


Coming back to my question ‘ What to do if a client asks for your help to create a room in the 18th C. spirit and atmosphere of Château de Villette.’ 

Starting up this project requires a lot of preparation and research.
A layout of the room must be made and the best fitting furniture, decorative pieces, and lighting fixtures must be sought, together with the best suitable textiles that will play a major role in creating the atmosphere we need to obtain.

Of course one can consult the great renowned auction houses and antique dealers, where you will find, without any doubt, the most beautiful furniture and objets d’art ‘d’époque’.
Another option is to search for companies, French ‘maisons’ that have that traditional ‘savoir-faire’ to manufacture or reproduce antique furniture, lighting, fabrics etc., according to artisanal and time-honored techniques.
As currently I am in the middle of preparing this French decor project, I already consulted some of these French ‘maisons’, the artisans of today. With some of them I have been working for quite some time.

Below, I would love to refer to some companies with whom I will most likely have to work, in order to finish this project in the most successful way.

The fabrics in the ‘Collection Patrimoine’ of Tassinari & Chatel have been rewoven from authentic documents.

Luxury velvets, silks and damasks, from Lelièvre et Tassinari & Chatel

The quality of Declercq Passementiers is recognized around the world. The manufacturing of their trimmings is done by hand, using traditional techniques. Their collection represents a huge variety of all styles of trimmings, tiebacks and tassels.

All trimmings, tiebacks and tassels from Declercq Passementiers

This pair of red velvet upholstered LXVI chairs I found at an antique fair in Lille (France). Very Château de Villette inspired fabrics, not?!

Maison Taillardat is specialized in the manufacturing of high-end 18th C. inspired furniture, respecting the traditions of the past.

All furniture from Taillardat

Moissonnier is another high-end French furniture-maker, a member of the Ateliers d’Art de France, a group representing and promoting the arts and crafts sector.

‘Corbeille’ sofa by Moissonnier – Armchairs by Taillardat

Chevillard and Mathieu Lustrerie are both French companies that are known worldwide for their incomparable quality of restoration of bronze hardware and reproduction of antique lamps, sconces or chandeliers.

Lampe ‘bouillotte’ and embroidering lamp by Chevillard – Sconces by Mathieu Lustrerie

I do hope to find a LXV period chimney that has the exact dimensions we need to place in the room.

Both are antique 18th C. Louis XV period fireplaces. The one on the left is carved in a marble Royal, seen at Jacques Pouillon. The one on the right is carved in a Rouge du Nord marble, found at Marc Maison.

And of course we will have to find the perfect flooring! Should we opt for a ‘parquet de Chantilly’ or a ‘parquet de Versailles’ flooring?

The picture on the left shows a ‘parquet de Chantilly’. On the right you can see a ‘parquet de Versailles’ flooring, both found at Atelier des Granges.

As far as the boiserie is concerned, it goes without saying that I will consult our company Lefèvre Interiors, to furnish the room with bespoke panelling and built in cabinetry, all manufactured according time-honoured techniques.

Bespoke panelling by Lefèvre Interiors.

It will be of an utmost importance to use the right type of wood, the exact profiling and to choose the perfect wood finish.

A selection of French 18th C. mouldings.


I do hope to be able to create that splendid French decor my client has in mind.


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