Bring the world into your home with ‘couleur locale’

/Bring the world into your home with ‘couleur locale’

Bring the world into your home with ‘couleur locale’

Dear readers,

Today I would love to introduce you to one of my Belgian blogger colleagues Ruth Walleyn, writer of the blog ‘Couleur Locale’.

Ruth is also co-owner of the conceptstore ‘Couleur Locale’, that she and her husband Hendrik opened 4 years ago.

Passionate about traveling and interior design, Ruth quit her veterinary practice, sold her house, and together with her husband, sharing the same passion, she started traveling around the world to find unique items for the home.

Photo credit Couleur Locale (Djibouti)Ruth and her husband Hendrik on a trip to Djibouti – Africa

Meanwhile they run two ‘Couleur Locale’ conceptstores, located in Antwerp and in Knokke.

This globetrotter couple is always on the hunt for treasures, searching for unique items, made by people with great talent, who despite a small amount of resources can make incredibly beautiful items.

The conceptstore, with online shop, is a mix of vintage and design from all corners of the world and offers unique items that are a true inspiration for your home. From the handmade Morrocan tamegroute pottery, the coconut tealight holders of Malaysia,… to the traditional woven colourful cushions of Guatemala,… and so many more.

“We are always looking for beauty; special items with the creator’s personal signature. Things that make you smile and take you to another place.”,  says Ruth.

Photo credit Couleur Locale (Marokko)Ruth in Morroco

Photo credit Couleur Locale (Senegal)Ruth in Senegal

Visiting Ruth’s blog ‘Couleur Locale’, you will drool over the gorgeous and colourful pictures of the couple’s journeys around the world, immersing themselves into exotic cultures and stunning beauty, meeting with local artisans.

Photo credit Couleur Localde (Madagascar)Hendrik sketching (ideal way to come into contact with locals), surrounded by curious children. Madagascar – Africa


In almost every blogpost, Ruth is telling the story about the making of, or about the origin of their finds, and of the people – artisans behind the items they bring home.

As there is the story behind the making of the Tamegroute pottery with a lot of gorgeous pictures.

Read the full story on Ruth’s blog HERE.

JJ_CLL_57Morrocan Tamegroute pottery

bijwerken-van-de-schaaltjes-2The potter bringing on small corrections to the shape

Discover the collection of Tamegroute pottery on the ‘COULEUR LOCALE WEBSHOP’.


Or that wonderful story about the handcrafted wooden fish by Isaiah, an artisan of Lamu, Kenya.

Read the full story of Isaiah’s wooden fish on Ruth’s blog HERE.

043A5336-e1463472967690Isaiah with his unique handcrafted fish from recycled wood, that is mostly found on the beach of Lamu

043A6048-e1463472887867The children are proud to show the creations of their local artisan

Discover the collection of wooden fish on the ‘COULEUR LOCALE’ WEBSHOP.


Another interesting story to read is the story about utensils of the Tuareg, the nomadic people of the Sahara.

These utensils are now used as decorative accessories for the home.

Read the full story of the Tuareg utensils on Ruth’s blog HERE.

2017-06-21_114140An ‘ehel’ picket. The ehels were placed inside the tent to hold the wall mats in place. Every picket has its own unique engraving with beautiful geometric patterns, which are so typical for the Tuareg art.

JJ_CLL_29-e1470322566589The ‘ame ssaggab’, the wooden sticks that form the sedan chair, which the nomads place on their camels as luggage carrier.

Discover the various collection of Touareg utensils on the ‘COULEUR LOCALE’ WEBSHOP.


Be sure not to miss this blogpost about a photoshoot in a splendid Morrocan house, that is the perfect setting to showcase a lot of the ‘Couleur Locale’ collection.

You will love it !!!    Click HERE to read the post.

PhotoshootPhotoshoot for the ‘Couleur Locale’ webshop at the house Douar Tajanate in Morroco


To read more about the incredible journeys of Ruth and her husband, please visit Ruth’s blog ‘Couleur Locale’ HERE.


The following images show some of my favorite items, found on the ‘Couleur Locale’ webshop. Please click on the description below each image to link back to the webshop.

2017-06-21_124554Gurage Tribe Stool – Southeast Ethiopia

2017-06-21_125027Koranic Slates – Morroco High Atlas

2017-06-21_124709Walnut Plates – Morroco

2017-06-21_124614Olive Wood  Sugar Spoon – Kenya

2017-06-21_124805Handwoven Beni Quarain Rugs – Morocco Mid Atlas

2017-06-21_132646Bamileke Stool – Cameroon

2017-06-21_124646Binga Gourd Handwoven Baskets – Zimbabwe

2017-06-21_124906Bath Towel Valérie Barkowski – Morroco

2017-06-21_132922Bamboo Tulip Hanging Lamp – Morroco

2017-06-21_124844Beldi Glass – Morroco

2017-06-21_124728Linen Napkins – France


Let yourself be inspired…

and visit one of the ‘Couleur Locale’ stores. Ruth and her team will be pleased to welcome you. For store locations, please click HERE.

Or visit the ‘Couleur Locale’ online shop and discover the various collection of items they have to offer. To visit the ‘Couleur Locale’ online shop, please click HERE.

Follow ‘Couleur Locale’ on Instagram.

Couleur Locale WebshopCouleur Locale Webshop


Wishing you all a ‘colourful’ rest of the week !



All pictures posted with permission of Ruth Walleyn



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  1. francetaste Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 3:08 PM - Reply

    It is so wonderful that they are bringing the world these fantastic works of art.
    I must say that while I have been to most of the places shown here, Lamu has stolen my heart more than anywhere else. I feel guilty for not having gone back recently–as Isaiah says, tourism is way down. But I have two hand-carved chairs from Lamu that grace my living room and remind me of that wonderful island.

  2. michele@hellolovelystudio Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 2:27 AM - Reply

    I loved taking this trip around the globe with you and Ruth! beautiful artisan pieces and so thoughtfully curated. thanks, lovely, Greet.

  3. Helena Botha Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 12:34 PM - Reply

    This was really a fantastic post and being from Africa I enjoyed everything so much. Thank you

  4. Polly | Loft Conversion Merton Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 6:43 PM - Reply

    Honestly, as an avid traveller you have the most amazing collection of souvenirs from your travels! I especially love the Tulip Hanging Lamp from Morocco! You have to show more!

  5. Leslie Sinclair Friday, June 23, 2017 at 9:14 PM - Reply

    Hi Sweet Greet! Fun post!! I wish I was there in person, but this is next best thing! Hope all is well with you!!

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