Dear readers, today I would love to introduce you to Catherine Algoet, a very talented Belgian ceramist.

I have to admit that I really am a big fan of Catherine’s work!

She creates hand-made, high quality ceramics and restores broken or damaged ceramic pieces according to the ancient Japanese ‘Kintsugi’ (= golden joinery, to patch with gold – beauty in the broken) technique, mending cracks or fractures with lacquer and gold.

Catherine is even very skilled in the ‘Raku’ (= black enamel and crackle effect – happiness in the accident) technique. Raku is a special ceramic combustion technique, originally sourced from China and Korea. Later perfected in Japan and intended for the tea ceremony. When glowing hot, the ceramics are removed from the oven and laid in sawdust. The sawdust is going to burn through the heat of the work. This causes oxygen to be extracted from the clay and enamel. Unglazed parts become black and by so-called ‘reduction’ you can get special enamel effects. Due to the rapid cooling the ceramics are showing crackels.

Let me show you some of Catherine’s beautiful creations today!

Small woodfired bowls, ash glaze

Stoneware bowl, snowflake glaze

White salad bowl, snowflake glaze

White stoneware bowls

Woodfired tea bowls, yellow ‘shino’ glaze ( =  term for a pottery glaze, originally Japanese, with a colour range from milky white to orange, sometimes with charcoal grey spotting, known as “carbon trap” which is the trapping of carbon in the glaze during the firing process)

Beautiful tableware bowls in different sizes

Stoneware vases

Stoneware jar

Limited edition kitchen vases – I just love to see these beauties in combination with the ‘rouge belge’ marble here. Perfection!

Raku technique black & white bowl and cups

Raku black & white bowls

Raku black & white bowls

Small celadon bowl – Kintsugi, repaired with lacquer and golddust

Another Kintsugi – celadon bowl, repaired with lacquer and golddust


To see more of Catherine’s amazing work, please visit her website at WWW.CATHERINEALGOET.COM

or follow Catherine on INSTAGRAM.

Catherine’s ceramics are available through Wabi-Sabi Arts & Crafts Gallery, Brussels.



All pictures posted by kind permission of Catherine Algoet