Don’t you ever feel tired of all those neutral colours, of all those shades of off-white, beige and ‘greige’?

And do you sometimes feel the need to leave your safe environment ?

Would you like to bring some tension and contrast in your interior or at least in one of the spaces in your home?

Well then, don’t be afraid to go bold and to add some drama to your home interior by using vibrant, vivid colours that will transform your room into a bright, luxurious and glamorous space.

Bold colours make everything look cooler and therefore they are the perfect backdrop for the artwork in your home and for your decorative accessories.

Tastemaker Abigail Ahern, one of London’s renowned designers, was a pioneer in using bold, inky colour palettes. Her trendsetting designs are synonymous with glamour and eclecticism.

Her book “Colour.”, is full of advice and tips of how to banish beige and how to bold up your home with colour.

Famous designer Gert Voorjans, one of our most quirky Belgian interior designers and Jean-Philippe Demeyer, together with Walda Pairon, are masters in drawing up interiors from a strong interest in colours.

With his book “Daily Life”, Gert Voorjans brings a glamorous tribute to colour, character and craftsmanship. In this luxurious book, he showcases ten previously unseen projects in his own unique, exuberant style.

One of the rooms at the French consulate in Antwerp, designed by Gert Voorjans. Voorjans gave the rooms of this residence a luxurious bohemian twist.


Gert Voorjans   Photo credit Tim Van de Velde Photography

Green emerald walls in one of the rooms of the private residence of Jean-Philippe Demeyer.


Interior design Jean-Philippe Demeyer   Image source here

Inky colour palette in an interior designed by Abigail Ahern.


Interior design Abigail Ahern   Image source here


A bold colour palette in an opulent designed interior by French fashion designer Stella Cadente. A room in the designer’s guest house in Provins, Ile de France.


Interior design by Stella Cadente   Image source Pinterest


Other renowned designers, as Steven Gambrel and Miles Redd, both New York based, also dare to make a statement by using a bold and opulent colour palette in their interiors.

I absolutely love this plum painted room by Steven Gambrel, seen in one of his Sag Harbor projects.


Interior design Steven Gambrel


Interior design Steven Gambrel

Brilliant colours for this Chicago townhouse library designed by Steven Gambrel.


Interior design Steve Gambrel   Photo credit Eric Piasecki Photography   Image source here


There are a lot more designers who dare to be different…


David Parmiter Photography   Image source Instagram


Image source here


Interior design by Ken Fulk   Photo credit by Douglas Friedman   Image source here


Image source here


Interior design Miles Redd   Photo credit Roland Bello Photography   Image source here

Deep green painted kitchen of actress Cameron Diaz.


Interior design Kelly Wearstler   Photo credit William Abranowicz Photography  Image source here



Image source Instagram

Windows painted in an elegant red.


Ralph Lauren‘s Townhouse red    Image source Instagram


I love this burgundy red painted library bookcase of Gwen Hefner, author of the gorgeous blog The Makerista.


Image source The Makerista



Interior design Peter Nolden   Photo credit Andreas von Einsiedel Interior Photography


Interior design Alison Martin Interiors   Photo credit Joshua McHugh   Image source here

The library at the Castle of Rooigem, private home of Belgian antiques dealer and interior designer Jean-Philippe Demeyer.


Interior design Jean-Philippe Demeyer   Image source here



Interior design Walda Pairon   Photo credit Claude Smekens Fotografie   Image scanned from Belgian magazine Landelijk Wonen – issue 14- 2012


Interior design Walda Pairon   Photo credit Claude Smekens Fotografie


 Interior design Miles Redd

By using vivid red, London based interior designer Paolo Moschino created a very sophisticated, individual and inviting effect in this bedroom.


Interior design Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam



Interior design Tara Graig   Photo credit Natalie Dinham   Image source here


Image source Pinterest

Bathroom private residence Gert Voorjans in Antwerp.


Interior design Gert Voorjans   Photo credit Tim Van de Velde Photography   Image source here



Interior design Mark Gillette   Image source here

Antwerp townhouse by Gert Voorjans.


Interior design Gert Voorjans   Photo credit Tim Van de Velde Photography


What about you? Would you dare to go bold ?

If you would love to see more colourful, bold and bright interiors, I would recommend you to purchase the following books :

The Daily Life - Ger Voorjans

Cover book The Daily Life by Gert Voorjans. To order click here

Colour. - Abigail Ahern

Cover book COLOUR. by Abigail Ahern. To order click here


Wishing you all a nice rest of the week !