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A few days ago, whilst browsing through the website of IBIZA RENTALS, images of a gorgeous vacation rental captured my attention.

 This magical place, called ‘Can Bassó’ is located in the Ibiza countryside, near the lovely town of Santa Eulalia, 20 minutes from downtown Ibiza.

‘Can Bassó’ is a completely restored finca and its name is derived from the contraction of casa of (house of…) and of “balsa”, that became “bassó”,  a small stone tank to water the farm animals.

My curiosity was completely aroused, as I did some further research, and found out that this former finca, was rescued from ruines by a Belgian family!!!

Ibiza is known for its fincas (farm houses) that decorate the landscape. These ‘white washed’ houses were once occupied by shepherds. Nowadays most of them are converted into beautiful living spaces, combining luxury and authenticity.

When the Belgian Ann Dimmers -who particularly loves the landscape of the Santa Eulalia area- acquired the property in 2010, actually finding it in a state of ruin, she asked her brother Francis Dimmers, interior designer and graduate of the École des Beaux Arts Liège-Belgium, to help her with the reconstruction and the complete renovation of the finca. A big challenge indeed, as finally the renovation would last 4 years.

As Francis was living in Ibiza for many years, he appealed to local professionals as master-masons, cabinet-makers, joiners etc., in order to have renovated the former farm house according to tradition and by using time-honoured techniques. And with the assistance of Ibiza based architect Amelia Molina and entrepreneur Bernard Wybo, he achieved the family Dimmers’ purpose to make of ‘Can Bassó’ the perfect and magical holiday resort, where tradition and modernity blend to perfection.

 The owners of ‘Can Bassó’ rebuilt the finca with respect for the authentic and famous finca architecture. The walls, terraces and stairs were patiently restored with limestone selected from the surrounding hills. This Belgian family made of ‘Can Bassó’ a magical and authentic place that is available for rent.

The house features six double rooms with private bathroom, accomodating at least 12 people. The property has a foot print of about 400 m₂ living space and of 25,000 m₂ private grounds.

It is a great place to stay with family and friends but also to organize corporate or private events such as weddings and seminars.

Well, if you ask me, ‘Can Bassó’ seems to be the perfect place for a future blogging seminar ?!


The owners restored the exterior of the house with respect for the authentic and famous finca architecture that is decorating the landscape of the island. The walls, the terraces and stairs were patiently restored with limestone selected from the surrounding hills.


 The finca has retained its austerity, its flat roof, rounded corners and its white washed walls.


The house is standing firmly on the red soil, surrounded by almond, olive, carob and sabine trees.


Large pool and stone terrace, inviting its guests to relax. Such a magnificent view!


The swimming pool in front of the new contemporary built volume attached as an extension to the renovated barn.


Restored stairway with lime stone, carefully selected from blocks found in the surrounding hills.


The porch with its beamed ceiling, made of the local sabine tree wood.


I absolutely love the combination of the used materials to see here. Steel doors, lime stone floor, white washed walls and beamed ceiling. Gorgeous!

The house has a unique style with attention to numerous decorative details and is furnished with modern designed furniture as the chair One by Konstantin Grcic for Magis, the Fractal tables by Piero Lissoni for Porrothe sofas Tufty-Time by Patricia Urquiola for B&B, and lighting from Tom DixonLuceplan, etc.

The contemporary designed and vintage furniture fits perfectly with the rustic and old charm of this house.


The floor is based on a mix of lime mortar, sea gravel and fragments of ceramic, all polished.

The contemporary designed furniture and the traditional charm of the finca architecture are the perfect blend.

‘Can Bassó’ offers all the comforts of an ultramodern house.


The new added volume houses the living room.


The living room communicates with the kitchen.


 The stone wall of the barn was rebuilt by master masons, and this identically to the authentic wall.

The fully-equipped Bulthaup kitchen with its wall integrated kitchen cabinet, designed as an old barn door.


Dining room area. Notice that small built-in cabinet. The rustic entry door is made of local pino tea (parasol pine).

For the renovation, some ancient doors were negotiated at neighboring farmers. And missing doors were made of old parts of the parasol pine by Ibiza based cabinet maker Thierry Billaud.


Beamed ceilings remade of sabine trees, according to the rules of art. Sabine trees are omnipresent and sabine wood is therefore the most important wood in the island’s peasant life.


Wonderful combination of the floor and white washed walls.


One of the six contemporary designed bathrooms with the gorgeous Pear C column washbasin by Patricia Urquiola for Agape.


      A bedroom in the former sheepfold, with goat skins, that at night – hung on pegs made of the sabine tree – serve as curtains.


Another bathroom with bathtub and washbasin Vieques by Patricia Urquiola for Agape.


Another one of the six bedrooms.


Another contemporary designed bathroom showing an Agape washbasin.


It is hard to make your preferred choice of where to sleep as all of the bedrooms look so very charming.


Let yourself be carried away by the charm of Can Bassó.


Ready to pack? Let’s go to Ibiza!

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Wishing you a wonderful stay at this ‘Ibiza-Belgian pearl’ !



All images posted with permission of Ibiza Rentals 

Image sources : Ibiza Rentals